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Reflections On The Super Swine Flu Pandemic

May 3rd, 2009 by Wai Loong (2 Comments)

Frankly, I haven’t been writing for a long time; slightly over a month to be exact and I feel it’s time to do some self reflections on the things I’ve learn so far.

If you’ve been following me and my articles for a while, it’s very difficult not to discover how much I have changed over the past 1 year.  I have grown to learn more about and taking control of my own finances, as well as how to be a better human being; to care for my family, my loved ones, my friends, as well as the people I’ve come across.

On my financial life, I have slowly learn to take control of my finances.  As frankly as I have to admit, my initial investments that I’ve done have been almost a disaster.  I have never thought seriously what my financial health was.  All that I know was that I have a certain amount or figure in my bank account.

Only when the financial crisis hit did I realize that I have substantial investments then (and now) stuck in non-performing financial vehicles.

Now, the problem is not a significant loss on paper.  I take that literally as a valuable learning experience and move on.  And because I take ownership of my experience, I do not lay any blame on anyone now.  I took courses and attend as many seminars as I possible can to accelerate my learning on what has been proven to be my weakness.

Many people I come across blamed everyone, except themselves, on being unable to protect themselves and their own family finances.  They blame the fall of Lehman Brothers and the tragic loss of jobs world-wide as a problem that is caused by others.

Little do these people realize that their present lives are largely in their own hands, less natural and other catastrophic disasters.  All sages in the past, such as the Buddha, have already pointed out the universal law of Cause and Effect.

In other words, you will reap what you sow.

As in every crisis, such as the recent financial meltdown and the upcoming Swine Flu pandemic, do you ever pause to think why all these happen and figure all this out?

More importantly, can you do something about it?

Looking Back At The 2008 Financial Crisis

Back in late 2007, it never occurs to anyone that most markets were overbought and that a major US housing bubble was about to burst.  Even one of my old secondary school friend (whom I met rarely) was telling me that if the market continues to head North, he would have doubled his new capital invested in unit trusts (mutual funds) in a year time.

It did not occur to me back then that it was indeed a red flag!

Lacking an ability to sense for dangers and opportunities have taught me a very valuable lesson – that in the world of investing, one shall not be lazy and make financial decisions from rumors, public and even opinions of others.  One should assume personal responsibilities to make sound and decisive decisions based on one’s limited competency.  Any mistakes discovered in due course shall be one’s valuable learning experiences – and that nobody can take that away from you until you die of course.

Therefore, I urge you to take responsibility of your own financial education, or just about any form of education in the trade that you are seriously engaged in… to master and be extremely competent in.  Only then can you ever hope to improve your present situation, something that most people probably take a lifetime to figure out… of which you can have easily benefit over here from my personal sharing.

Looking Forward & The 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic

The very reason why I have progress much over the year is due to my constant reflections of what’s going on around on around me… that is the ‘outside world’, and the ‘inside world’.

Sadly, the recent outbreak of the flu pandemic may be a reflection of the collective state of all human minds.  Nowhere in history have humanity created so much wealth and fear until the last few decades.

Did you know that you and I (I suppose that since you’ve got a computer and you’re reading this blog post now!) are enjoying the lifestyle (if not better), what Kings and Queens have exclusive access to that were merely a century ago?

Has it ever occurs to you that we are so bless to enjoy all the goodness of life that is not even conceivable less than a century ago?

Yet, people in most part of the world are more unhappy in spite of better education and health care that we are all enjoying here right now (especially true in the context of Singapore).  Adults are more frustrated now about the amount of time and efforts they have to put in to cover a comfortable amount income to support their family.

The state of the human mind have collectively lead us to self-destruction if we are not mindful of our spiritual health.  Many people are now rather sick in their mind, as evidences are plentiful on the newspapers you read everyday.  Moral and ethics have gone down the dustbins as information is now disseminate faster with the rise of the use of the Internet.  Wealth are created faster as a result, but the human heart and mind have deteriorated significantly.

Just less than 50 years ago, Kampong life is a heaven for our parents and even some of us who are born before the 1960s or 1970s.  Everyone knows one another and cares for each other despite the scarcity of comfortable lifestyles.  Though we were poor, the hearts were happier.  Everyone were contented and lived in harmony.

Fast forward 50 years… globalization and capitalism had changed everything.

Most people are so cold to one another.  Very few people give way on the bus and MRT queues.  Most people refuse to give way to alighting passengers and attempt to get on-board the moment the train door opens.  Once in the train cabin, most people refuse to move into empty spaces of the train cabins.

When there are discounts or cheap sale in virtually anything, for example, tour packages, free airline/place of interest tickets etc… people will queue up early in the middle of the night and get into heated arguments when there are disagreements.

What have changed over the last 50 years?

Did we not have more and better lifestyle?

Why all these fear and unhappiness?

The problem usually lies in the widely adopted consensus on the scarcity of money (or as debt as I have discussed in my earlier post).  In fact, the real problem lies in the state of our minds, that we are all conditioned to think of scarcity of resources; be it time, money, sleep… whatever you think you feel you are lacking of!

But when you pause to think for a while, do you really think there is a scarcity of what you think it is?

If you ever think hard enough, our basic needs have not changed very much a century ago.

Do you ever need more food?

Do you ever need more clothing to keep warm?

Do you ever need to drink more water than our ancestors?

Do you ever need an advanced roof to protect your family?

As you begin to drill deeper, you may begin to dawn on the critical problems we are all facing.  The human body have not changed much over the last century.  But our hearts and mind have weaken and submitted to the ever unlimited temptations and desires.

The sad truth is, the human heart and emotions have not progress significantly ahead as compared to our material progress.  In fact, keeping your life very simple is one secret to a achieving self-fulfillment in all areas of the human life.

Here, I am speaking about spiritual development of the human mind.

The ‘Outside World’

Like it or not, we are all living in a dream.  We live in a state of conscientiousness and what we perceive as reality is merely a projection of what our mind perceives and understands.

The ‘outside world’ is what we perceives as real and permanent, when it’s actually not.

So, is the material world false, and that we abandon all pursues of them?

Personally, I have come to discover that the ‘outside world’ is where our physical form and conscience mind operates on.  It’s like a dimension or space; it’s where our senses and emotions are driving us everyday.

As you’re reading this, you are operating from your sight sense, your physical form.  As long as you and I are still attached to this form, we cannot abandon our material needs.  Therefore, it makes the most sense for me to maintain the well-being of my physical form (which is changing and non-permanent) while pursuing development in the ‘inner world’.

And how do we achieve this goal?  It’s through maintaining and developing our financial health with constant meaningful, compassion and spiritual purposes in mind.

The ‘Inside World’

Maybe all of us have forgotten our spiritual world – or what I call ‘inside world’.

Our material needs have long clouded our minds… and that we’ve forgotten that our very existence are the results of our past actions, our Karmas.

Since most people are so busy dreaming on the ‘Outside World’, it is rather sad that so few people have come to realize that we are so overwhelmed by it and pay so little attention to their ‘Inside World’.

When we look into the mirror, we see ourselves.

But why are there so few people who will even bother look at themselves in their spiritual mirrors?  And what I mean by spiritual mirrors, is constant self-reflections on our thoughts and actions.

Personally, I am getting very worried for our next generation.  But I know there is little I can do.  Kids are now getting more demanding and pressurized by the society to perform.  Our good cultures and values have been now been passed over by their maids and their parents do not care if their children are learning the good ethics.  Many have assumed that fighting hard pulling up all sorts of tricks to put their children in good schools will automagically turn their kids into successful and smart grown ups.

Sadly, nothing can be further than the truth!

Perhaps, many parents do not do self-reflections themselves.  Their sphere of compassion is getting very limited now and often assume a mode of scarcity.  This is very dangerous to their mental well being, not just to their children.

As I see teenagers and childrens behave on the trains daily, I can’t help but wonder what the world would be in the next 20 years.  The next generation adults are likely to turn for the worse, and because of this vicious cycle in the human heart, the universe response in greater rage far worse than the Swine Pandemic.


Yes, the Aeon of the Pisces is definitely coming to an end in year 2150AD, as it did some 2009 years ago for Taurus.

Today, we all now have plenty of opportunities and tools to become really wealthy compared that to our parents and grand parents some 50 years ago.  Rest assure that humanity will continue to push for greater wealth and scientific advancements in the decades to come, as already predicted by sages.  However, are you cultivating your mind to progress in lockstep tandem?

I pray for your spiritual well-being!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, and

May all beings be Safe and Happy!

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2 Responses:

Yen Thim Wai on May 4th, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Hi Bro,

I understand what you are writing. However, can we revert back to the past and go back to the basics so that we can be happy last time and close to one another? We have IT computers and notebooks yet we are working longer hours. I don’t think we can move back just like firmware rollback…


Wai Loong on May 4th, 2009 at 9:01 pm

Hi Bro!

Always remember this: your happiness is here and now.
Not yesterday, not tomorrow. It’s right here, right now.

We are more fortunate than many fellow human beings in other parts of the world. Always be grateful with all that you have right now. Whenever possible, keep doing something of value and contribute your time and other resources back to humanity, and the world-at-large! 🙂

Be Blessed & Grateful!

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