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The Perfect Cut – What Your Doctor Will Never Tell You!

July 24th, 2008 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

Do you watch Channel U dramas?

Lately, Channel U is show casing a mini “breakthrough” in its drama series, “Perfect Cut 一切完美”.

I know, it’s PG rated, meaning if you’re under certain age group, you can’t watch this drama without your parents around.

Hack, as if kids these days have to wait at least 18 years old to watch such film on their own.  Give me a break… kids are so smart these days that they CAN watch anything they want on this thing call the Wild-Wild-Web.

Sorry, if this looks insulting, I didn’t mean to.

Actually, I’m just trying to pen down some interesting points for discussion, after having watched a few episodes of this new drama series.

1. Soothing and Nice Trailing Tune:

This drama entails a really nice tune entitled “你没想像中爱我” sung by local singer, Chew Sin Huey (石欣卉).  I didn’t what song it was until I used my super Googling and music ripping skills to instantly zeroed in on this nice little tune.  Here it is on YouTube that you can enjoy:

The lyrics too, was meaningfully crafted:

你没想像中爱我 – 《一切完美》片尾曲
曲:So Million

你小心翼翼 牵我手
其实是担忧 藏不住我
自尊也投降 活在她之下
我 好傻

你字字句句说 你不爱她
那又是什么 让你害怕
我疑惑但是原谅 因为你留下
我 好傻

原来 你没想像中那么爱我
你的存在 让我更寂寞

你寸步不离 像天使的她
挥霍我的爱 从不放心上
我有一丝无奈 也有一些明白
该 放开

原来 你没想像中那么爱我
不爱我别再说 假装爱那是撒盐在伤口

啊~~ 谁说我不在意空等候
原来 你从来都没深刻爱我



Was that tune pleasant?

I thought so!  It is soothing and I like the rhythm a lot.

In case you’re not Chinese speaking, I’m really sorry about that.  So far, I haven’t found an English translation yet.  Perhaps you can find a friend to translate a bit?  The song title means something like: “You Didn’t Love Me As Much As I Thought You Would Be”.

“As Much As I Thought You Would Be…”

That’s usually an incorrect assumption that follows a hefty price we mortals pay.  And somewhat as I;ve observed, is something close to what all of us are addicted to.

2. Beauty Lies In The Eye of The Beholder

Life is really interesting.

Most of us are very worried about how the external world think/look upon us.

We become very concern on our we look, how we behave in front of others.

Rarely do we listen or pay great attention to our hearts, and follow our passions.

So where is this beauty that every sage is talking about?  Can more money fix that?

Let’s examine further. In the drama, this Chinese phrase keep repeating:

“In This World, There Are No Ugly Man/Woman, Only Poor Ones”

How does that statement relates to you?

If you’re still growing up, your outlook may be the single most important part of your life.

Otherwise if you’ve pass that stage, you would still be spending a ton of time trying to look great… who wouldn’t?

Looking great and feeling great is closely related to one’s mental well-being.  Not only will you feel confident in everything you do, your spirit can be well uplifted and allowing you to focus on the big goals of your life (if you have any).

If you are convinced on the Law of Attraction, you may agree that looking great is one of those key factor that can pull in what you visualize.  That attraction is akin to what a magnet does to a piece of iron bar.

Unfortunately, most of us are not born physically perfect.

As we grow older, each of us are tainted deeper and deeper without us realizing.  It can get worse off…

Outside the drama, it’s not too hard to realize the psychological and financial impacts of looking and feeling good.  As such, beauty, health care, hair etc… related industries are rock solid businesses, perhaps even recession proof.  You see, no one really wants to look worse off in even in years of economic crisis.

Looking for perfection quickly becomes a matter of necessity, rather than an option.

Even then, not everyone can agree on the same level as to what beautiful is defined as.  Your concept of perfect beauty may be 180 degrees off from what I really think beauty should be!

To me, beauty is entirely relative, non-obsessive and entirely personal.

Unless you aspire a become real super star or high some profile public figure, you may want to reconsider giving up most of your obsessions of perfect cuts.

Instead, focus your heart and apply your efforts responsibly.  You are unique, special and beautify by yourself through your own efforts.

That intangible beauty of yours can emerge quietly in a different form (though not physical) as you go about deep in your habitual actions… And as your body is intensely consumed by your passions, that true beauty of yours should blossom without you even realizing it!

Ahh… it’s that intangible beauty – what no money can buy.

Stay hungry, stay foolish and live a life with passion!


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