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Looking Back Year 2009 and Moving Forward into Year 2010!

December 30th, 2009 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

Dearest Friend,

Thank you for being such a great audience for the last 12 months, despite on the fact that I’ve been pretty toned down from writing on my life experiences.  It’s a real blessing to be able to write again!

Indeed, time has flew by SO QUICKLY that it’s almost the end of an extremely eventful year for me personally!

And yes, we’re all facing the same fact that we’re already 12 months closer to death!

Nope, I’m not being pessimistic… I’m just being realistic! 🙂

Let’s face it – All of us are going to die somehow… it’s just a matter of when and how.

I have a lot of friends who are now doing even more extremely well in life, while others are struggling more in life.  Such are the effects of the law of karma.  However, what we see are merely worldly achievements.  In the long run, all of us will die so is it really worth all the efforts to devote so much time on worldly matters?  Fact – nobody defies death, not even emperors and *AHEM* political leaders.  So the big question lingers on every wise men – what can we do (everyday) to elevate ourselves spiritually, and hence detached from worldly distractions?

For me, I know very well how I want to live and pass on my spiritual and human touch.  As my mentor already said, it’s not how much you gain in the material world.  Your legacy is determined by how much you have touched humanity.  This can be directly achieved by elevating one up in our spiritual cultivations.  Thus this post.

Year 2009 has been a very special year for me for the following reasons I shall boldly summarize in a single blog post.  Note:  If you haven’t been finding the year fulfilling, that means you’ve missed some of the most exciting and eventful time in history!

Advanced Trading Institution & Education:

Year 2009 began for me with my first insight into a World Class professional trader’s network – JF Lennon.  I was very skeptical initially but later discovered something Visionary that may be about to happen and may be revolutionary to all entrepreneurs.

I admitted that currency trading may be a very useful tool and skill that empowers ordinary individuals to participate in a good cause to end poverty in 3rd world countries (how this is done you’ve got to consult the founding fathers of JFL).  Perhaps the founders themselves are in the process of contributing to something BIG back to humanity.

Unfortunately, a recent change in the management have let many students, including myself, to doubt the integrity of the new management.  The new management have recently impressed many students into thinking of some form of magic in their ability to take accurate trades by merely observing chart patterns and finding profitable trade entries and exits.  Frankly speaking, I have personally benefited from their course, so I shall not dwell further.  Since such activities can take up a considerable amount of time away from what is truly important in life, I shall cease to devote too much energy into such activities… oh well, I’ll just let nature takes its course as the new year comes around! 🙂

Here’s a video that they’ve recently put up to prove their worth (the 4 part video series is eye opening!):


Personal Finance & Value Investing:

Value investing has been very rewarding for me.  Year 2009 is an excellent year to quickly build up one’s portfolio of outstanding income generating assets.  I am so blessed to learn so many invaluable investing principles from fellow friends and teachers.

Year 2009 is also my first time to attend all the AGMs (annual general meetings) of companies I’ve taken a stake in to personally meet up with the CEOs, CFOs and their board of directors.  This step is very important so as to allow myself to have a feel of the quality of management that is running the businesses.  As of December 2009, I’ve finished off with the final one.  I am very happy to observe all the businesses I’ve vested in has a high quality team of individuals who understand shareholder values and continuously working through one of the Greatest economic downturn in history.

Personally, I’ve added one more component to my investing philosophy – Ethical & Moral Value Investing.

It is true that Ethical Moral value investing will reduce my scope of opportunities, it will however, force me to consider businesses even carefully and hence focus on fewer assets.  Honestly, I’m not too concern about limiting my options.  I’d be more happy to choose quality over quantity since I’m very contented & grateful to every knowledge, wisdom & insights I have developed till today.  🙂


My Spiritual Elevation & The End of
My Search On The Mystery of The Universe:

I must have been one of the most blessed human in this world.

Several important Life questions have plagued me since I was young.  When I grew up a bit, I am blessed to have the affinity to learn from the Buddha’s teachings.  That was more than 13 years ago since I’ve left Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Secondary school.

When I was conscripted into the Army (conscription is compulsory over here in Singapore), more questions arises and I sometimes pondered about the question if one were ever have a chance to break free from the eternal law of Cause & Effects.  The Army is fill with contamination to the mind… *sign* it’s just not the right place for someone to find answers.

Is it possible to be free from Suffering and attain Enlightenment in today’s environment?

I never had answers nor anyone to consult back then.

Fast forward 13 years…

Not only have I left the Army and Graduated from the local University, I have been in the working industry as an engineer for over 7 years.  Yet, my search for Life answers have deviated to pursue of Worldly answers (wealth & maybe fame).  Personally, I have met many different exciting and wealthy individuals, but none of them have truly inspired me spiritually until year 2005, when I first met my mentor Manoj Sharma after a coincidental chance (it’s a long long story anyway!).

Manoj shared with his mentoring students (I’m in his final public coaching class) what it takes to realize one’s Big Self.  It was a very intensive course, but deep down inside me, I knew something have changed.  My perspective of humanity and the laws of this Universe is just beginning to unfold upon me.  For instance, the principles of Quantum Mechanics and the Law of Attraction, all beginning to point to something I sense to be One and the same.

Fast forward to Mid 2009…

Combining all my previous experiences and new insights to the Universe, I have finally understood that all manifestation in this Universe, originates from the same source.  This include principles shown by all past Saints & Sages, such as Lord Shakyamuni Buddha.

I must emphasized that this is NOT something worldly, for worldly endeavors (such as wealth and fame accumulation) will vanquish the moment we are dead.  Spiritual endeavors (eternal) is what all wise men pursue, while foolish man ignore for plain ignorance.  Embracing the Truth of this Universe hence comes very natural for me after putting much investigations and study using my own little wisdom and insights.   I am now very deeply grateful to have receive such great blessings from the Universe!  Now, I am like a reborn baby, learning everything all over again.  🙂


Full Time Vegetarianism:

One of the most important change in my life is to adopt a full vegetarian diet.

As a Buddhist already, vegetarianism has been to me, an entirely optional choice.  I wondered why this has been so until recently that I discovered its importance!  I must have been a fool all the while. 🙁

There are numerous reasons for going vegetarian, and I urge you to adopt natural meatless diet immediately;  it has been said that giving up meat eating has its mysterious powers to advert the collapse of the world (watch the movie 2012?).  However, one must be knowledgeable and well read in order to fully appreciate and understand the deep and meaningful purpose behind.

Here are some quick pointers:

  • Better Health!
  • Develop A Compassionate Heart (Empathize The Pain of Being at the Brink of Being Killed)
  • Put a stop to Accumulating Bad Karmas (of eating Your kins that were from your Past Lives)
  • Reduce our contribution from depriving Humans in 3rd World Countries of Poverty & Hunger
  • Increase the efficiency in food (plant/crops) production to feed human beings instead of feeders for animals
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions (Reduce Greenhouse Effect); Yes, going vegetarian or vegan eventually reduce meet demand and hence less animals reared for food.

Here are some more reasons:


A Once-In-A-Lifetime & Most Memorable Europe Trip:

Hotel Mirabeau – The hotel which I stayed for the course in Lausanne, Switzerland

Year 2009 has been a most memorable year for me too for the simple reason that I had a most blessed time in Switzerland (September).  I had the golden opportunity in my life to visit a few cities in Switzerland, and then Paris in France, and finally London in Great Britain! 🙂

I’ve brought along my trusty little Netbook (MSI U-100) that I’ve bought in March and it turned out that it has been truly indispensable during that trip!!  Boy, Internet connection is a MUST for me to connect back home for very important matters which I looked forward every evening and morning (Euro Zone Time)! 🙂

Fortunately, the accommodations I’ve booked were mostly connected to the Internet, but the connections can be quite bad (occasionally fading signals from wireless access points).

I’ve also learned how to use Facebook and Google Picasa more efficiently to manage and upload thousands of photos onto the social network platform (yes, you’ve heard it right, I’ve over 2,500++ photos taken in just 1 trip!). 🙂

Other than snapping tons of photographs, videos and visiting lots of exciting places in Switzerland (Yes!  I’ve finally touched snow on Mount Titlis & Jungfrau!), I experienced a lot of sightseeing… vast patches of farmlands, visiting historical buildings, museums, palaces… and not to forget all those endless walking and stair climbing in subways, metros, tubes… you name it!  Truly, it has been a really exciting experience!  🙂

All in all, I’ve stayed in over 6 different hotels and traveled over nearly a thousand miles around, mainly between cities starting from Zurich till London.  Oh, and that’s not even counting that sinful carbon emission caused from the flight from Singapore to Zurich and back from London. 🙁

Ahh… and not to forget a horrible experience; that I was almost daylight robbed in the city of Geneva, Switzerland (Ha!  No good impression for the HQ of United Nation isn’t it?).  Fortunately, my reflex was fast enough as I managed to grab my camera off from the hands of the young thief (& his partner) who got a shock too when I reacted as fast as he reached into my winter wear pocket!

My colleague(right) and I (left) inside the lecture theater of an Advanced Engineering Course.  I am holding a brochure of the new book (unpublished then) written by the first lecturer of my 5-day course.


My colleagues and I setting off for the Wednesday Networking night organized by the course facilitators.

My colleague and I in a wine cellar for a Networking night with other course mates.

Outside the ticket booth of Mount Titlis before embarking on a mountaineering cable car trip!

I LOVE COFFEE!  All kinds of coffee indeed!  Here, I am having a cool time enjoying a dose of Switzerland produced Latte.

This is the first time I see REAL snow on mountain! 🙂

Here I am grounding myself on above 3,020 feet above sea-level!

My trusty Netbook operating on above 3,000++ feet above sea level.

On top of Jungfrau, one of the highest mountain in Switzerland & Europe.

Outside Palais Royal, Musée du Louvre with I. M. Pei in the background.


Family & Relationships Breakthrough:

Spiritual cultivation has elevated me into the next phase of life, where I am even closer and dearer to my family and my loved ones.  Applying the wise teachings of Saints such as Confucius and Meng Zi, it is not hard to find great blessings this lifetime (and thereafter) by applying principles that are centered around those profound wisdom.

It all starts with One…
Every magnificent achievements in the World begins with simple and manageable steps.  Through steadfast and discipline in the Right direction and guidance will one reach the Final destiny!



I have no doubt that year 2009 has been the most fulfilled year of my life to date!  🙂

As I’ve already said in the previous years and here I am repeating them again; It’s no use setting New Year Resolutions for most people.  They are mostly either non-realistic, or not practical enough, thereby causing great sorrows and distresses for people when the New Year is to end.

What is more important for each and every New Year, is to cherish every moment of our human lives, to live to the fullest we can, to reach the highest goal of humanity, in every second that our breathe can takes us to.

With this, I wish you and your family, a most Blessed & Fulfilled year ahead!

Go Vegetarian, Go Green!
May All Beings Be Blessed, Live in Peace & Be Enlightened!


My colleagues and I setting off for the Wednesday Networking night organized by the course facilitators.

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