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Singapore NDP 2007 @ Marina Bay Part 7

July 15th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

We’re Counting Down to Singapore NDP 2007!

Just last month and this, I’ve bid farewell to 3 colleagues who have thrown in the courage to venture further into their studies and perhaps towards the next level of their careers. So, are you also game enough to make the leap yet, or are you consolidating your energy for something big too?

Fortunately, my professional work this year do not require me to be heavily pumped until late midnight, unlike year 2006. Therefore, I’m really looking into consolidating my energies and learning something new – some life essential skills.
And that requires tremendous clarity and discipline to follow through a game plan. I know that so I take that as a personal challenge again like I did in year 2005.

In case you’re wondering what I mean – I’m really getting some shaped up for the last 2 weeks to readjust life a bit – in a slightly different way. I’m currently in the process of optimizing and experimenting with time more efficiently for my body to get enough rest and getting more things done then usual people. How? By tweaking my sleeping habits.

Disclaimer! If you need to work till midnight due to your work commitments, then you have to find alternatives. I don’t have a remedy for that yet.

Basically, recent research has shown that an adult requires an average of 7 hours of sleep. The brain is best optimized to rest and release certain endocrines between 10pm to 1am. If the body is not resting between this period, it will loose its daily chance to repair and revive the organs. It has been linked to signs of early aging, certain diseases and death.

Speaking of death, and in case you’re not aware yet, we’ve arrived at the 7th Month of 2007, also known as the hungry ghost month of the Chinese/lunar calendar! There’s really no fear really if your conscience is clear though.

Are you?

I didn’t want to dwell too much into this really. That should be left onto another topic at another time. Perhaps you can help contribute some interesting articles? 😉

Anyway, let’s just get back to the topic of excitement – and that’s NDP 2007!

I was popping around the Web for a while and found very little high quality report of the 30th June 2007 NDP rehearsals.

Along the way, I’ve found quite a number of visits recently that’s looking for *gasp* ”
NDP 2007 Tickets”. Hey perhaps I should be saying something like: “where to get free tickets for NDP 2007“.

Will that drives more disgruntled visitors to my site? I don’t care really. However, I do CARE to educate the public that the authorities are watching.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at a snapshot on one of my web stats:

MDA Authorities Searching for Ebay NDP 2007 Tickets?

Now, you don’t really have to panic unless you’re guilty of it. Maybe that was just a routine check by the authorities to see if anyone is privately selling the tickets. Or maybe, someone from MDA is looking out to buy one for his/her family. 😉

Just kidding… it’s really a brief thought actually!

Anyway, I noticed that many people are still not on broadband and so they really cannot enjoy the trailing clips I posted recently for NDP 2007. While digging my logs, I noticed a very cool Flash tool that you can use to benchmark your broadband up and down link! It has also a record of the past 30 Asian users who benchmarked their connections.

I was quite surprised that Starhub’s Max-on-line was able to beat the 10Mbps link Singtel ADSL line I’m using – whopping hands down!

Okay, okay… I don’t mean to provide free advertisement for Starhub so please forgive me. I’m a technical guy really so it’s the stats (bottom line) that counts. You can do your own measurements below before you decide to click on any of the video clips I’m posting below.

Broadband Speed Test 1

Broadband Speed Test Tool:

If you’re running this benchmark tool, make sure that you’re NOT running any software that will access your Internet gateway. This will potentially disturb your tests, rendering inaccurate results. The above test was generated while I was working with several tabs on my Firefox browser so it was possible that the results were not near accurate.

Finally, here are some findings I’ve uncovered for this week’s NDP review…

Over 90% of all videos posted on YouTube for NDP 2007 are very low quality for 2 apparent reasons – the video are unedited, blur and worse, the audio records are terrible. The other reason I feel is the length of the video. They are either too long, too short or focusing on the wrong object of interest.

I must admit that the quality of the camera is very important. With the right tool, a steady hand and a little shooting imagination, some armatures managed very high quality shootouts even without editing. The best ones are produced by folks with good video editing software and cutting the length in less than 8 minutes.

Enough said. Below are 3 featured clips I feel meets the minimum criteria for my publication. Should you feel unjustified or want to nominate potential candidates, please feel free to drop me a comment and let me review it.

Thanks, have a great week ahead and enjoy the videos! 😉

NDP @ Marina 2007 March past part 1
(You can easily find part 2 and 3 yourself on YouTube)

Night View – Full Dress NDP Rehearsal 2007

A Different Viewpoint of the Chinook on NDP 2007 Rehearsal

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