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Singapore NDP 2007 @ Marina Bay Part 6

July 7th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

We’re Counting Down to Singapore NDP 2007!

I’m back to some more writing after a long work week, and having to adjust my life a bit for some personal long term plans.

Today is 7th July 2007 (7-7-7)… and we’re 1 week nearer to NDP 2007!
The next time we’ll see this again is on 8-8-8, a fantastic day on 8th August 2008, eve of Singapore’s 43rd National day!

Not to forget to remind you if you can help celebrate my blog’s birthday… it’s 3 months old tomorrow! 😉

A very special day today too as there are many couples getting married. Oh yes, and not to forget that it’s a special day for our planet earth where thousands of dedicated individuals fight (sing) to spread the message to help preserve our great planet. Well, it’s actually the “Live Earth Concerts” and is to kick off today starting in Sydney.

Are we all guilty of abusing the environment? I dare not say no… and it’s whether you like it or not, we have all in some way or another polluted the environment or waste natural resources like water and electricity.

How about saving some paper or minimizing our use of plastic bags? Ok, better not dwell to far since I’m still on the topic of NDP 2007.

Speaking of bags, this year’s goodie bags are quite eye catchy and are quite amazing like it has been in the past years. Here are some extracts from the news:

Bold, trendy, innovative – these are words used by the organizing committee to describe this year’s National Day Parade Funpack. And it has even got its own name – the Assembly Bag. Assembly lines were formed to pack the 28 items into each Assembly Bag.

A total of 160,000 bags will be given away to spectators during the three NDP previews, full dressed rehearsal and the parade on August 9.

It is also themed to NDP 2007 “Celebrate Singapore: City of Possibilities

In case you’re not aware, these goodies are packed by NSF soldiers, otherwise where on earth can you find so many free labor? Any idea if you may find things missing from these bags? I doubt so but quite possible. 😉

Here are some pictures of the assembly bags:

NDP 2007 Goodie Bags (Assembly Bags)NDP 2007 Goodie Bags (Assembly Bags)

Have you ever wondered if there are blunders made before or during NDP?

Coincidentally, I’ve managed to find one really hilarious clip somebody made and posted on YouTube. Watch the clip very carefully see if you can catch the blunder (actually it is pretty obvious!).

You will need the latest Macromedia Flash to view it:

NDP 2006 Preview (Hiccups!):

Interestingly, the National Day Parade has already leaking much information out to the public and is no more a secret. If you can still remember my earlier post, I mentioned this year with an impressive array of display by the Police Coast guards and the Navy/Army. Little did I realize that the Air Force are also putting in the AH-64D Apaches and CH-47SD Chinooks in addition to the huge Singapore Flag and

You really want to see an impressive display by a Chinook as it hovers dangerously over the splashing waters, just slightly over the tiny floating platforms. As you see it dropping off the naval divers near the platforms, an attack boat comes moves switfly in to pick up the divers (you will not see this though)…

Before I forget, one of the Theme Song for NDP 2007 has been located on YouTube as well.

It was performed by Kit Chan, our local star with the song entitled, “There’s No Place I’d Rather Be. I have embedded the video clip below for your enjoyment.

NDP 2007 Theme Song By Kit Chan –
“There’s No Place I’d Rather Be”:

That’s all for now!

I trust that you have enjoyed this week’s findings & do have a wonderful week/weekend ahead! 😉

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