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Singapore NDP 2007 @ Marina Bay Part 4

June 24th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

We’re Counting Down to Singapore NDP 2007!

It’s me once again on your screen!

I wasn’t watching the news last Friday until I overheard it over the radio that the NDP tickets are available to the public from June 23rd 2007.

Guess what?

Bidders are already queuing up on auction sites like Singapore Yahoo and eBay Singapore, ready to serve the hungry Singapore markets. 😉

Would you want to buy a preview ticket for over SGD$100?

How about SGD$500++ for the NDP 2007 @ Marina bay this year? Here’s the proof of a snapshot on today’s eBay @ Singapore:

NDP 2007 Tickets for sale on eBay Singapore

I took another capture of this bid history this morning and it turns out to be flooded with loaded bidders… do you think they are law enforcers? 😉

Ebay Auction for NDP Preview Ticket

Still Not Convinced?

Here are some more proofs from ChannelNewsAsia Singapore News (23rd June 2007):

Organisers of the National Day Parade say they are working with online auction sites like Yahoo and eBay to stop the sale of tickets online. Tickets for the Preview and Parade shows were only given out on Saturday, but already some people have put up theirs for sale.

It has been one long wait for William Soh, a successful applicant for the NDP tickets.

This is the first time the 66-year-old will be watching the National Day Parade, and he made sure he’s first to get the tickets, turning up at 7 in the morning, 3 hours before the collection counters opened.
Mr Soh said: “I come here, all the light was not open, very dark. I thought, oh, where, where.”

He is one of over a few hundred people who collected their tickets on Saturday.

And it riles them that some successful applicants are making a quick buck by selling their tickets on the internet.

Some folks are trying hard to get the tickets for their family, and if you’re paying $100 per ticket for a family of 4, that will blow a $400 bucks off your pocket. Oh and there is only one thing good – it comes GST free. 😉

Mr Lopez said: “I’ve been trying for 7 years, yet people still sell tickets. Yesterday I went to internet just to get the location. And what I found out was: $450 per ticket, $250 per ticket, $350 per ticket.”

Colonel Teo Jing Siong, Chairman, Executive Committee, NDP 2007, said: “We are working with some of the internet companies and we will try to trace those tickets. This is not easy, if we can we will bar them from applying for NDP ticket in future.”

A check online found 4 tickets going for a total of $600 on Yahoo! Auctions, while a search on eBay had one ticket at $121.

“I won’t buy it because I will encourage those people who sell online,” said one Singaporean.

“If I can’t get a ticket, I will watch live on TV,” said another.

Oh yes, and not to mention that demands are fueling this economy, there are always desperate people who are willing to pay an arm and leg for that special someone on National Day.

Oh, and did I not mention that the NDP are for lovebirds too? Why, I think it’s a great idea for MCYS or the SDU to arrange the issue or reservation of paired tickets.

One said: “I would buy it to watch the NDP! It’s once a year, and this year it’s at the Marina new place right, it’s not at Kallang anymore.”

He added that he was prepared to pay up to $100 for the ticket.

Each ticket comes with a serial number tagged to the applicant’s identity card number. Organisers say anyone found to have bought a ticket will not be allowed to enter the parade grounds.

Come on! Give the organization committee a break!

As some people on some discussion forums call it – “Patriotism with a price“.

Is it illegal to sell the tickets online?


Unfortunately, as demand is always > than supply, there is no way to curb this problem. There are ways to nab these crooks… and the answer usually lies with technology.

Here is a show down of what is possible:

1. Embed security functions in the ticket so that it tracks it to the authorized ticket holder. If the ticket owner does not show up personally on that day, he or she shall be penalized and barred from entry the following year.

2. Each ticket is unique and entry is only permitted when both your identity card and the smart ticket authenticated.

3. Infiltrate “secret bidders” to bid online. These bidders are in fact law enforcers that work closely with eBay Singapore to nab illegal merchants.

4. Impose civil punishments on online buyers who make the purchase. This is equivalent punishments for people who buy illegal CDs and DVDs.

5. Setup official ticket exchange centers so as to facilitate ticket holders who are willing to give up for those who need it more.

You are free to add more to this list if you feel strongly that the authority can do more…

Speaking of patriotism, a colleague of mine gave me a complimentary ticket to the closing down ceremony of the existing National Stadium.

This highly significant and memorable event is scheduled to run on 5pm, 30th June 2007. Here is a front and back snapshots of it:

A Tribute To National Stadium

A Tribute To National Stadium

I wonder if anyone will try to sell these on eBay or Yahoo! Auctions as well! 😉

The National Stadium is a historical place where almost all Singaporeans will not fail to recognize. Try asking around your Singaporean friends or colleagues and see if they give you a blank stare.

Here are some of the fond memories that we have (you are free to add on to this list!):

  • Singapore National Day Parade (~2006) – Wai Loong
  • Youth Festival Parade (1994) – Wai Loong
  • Malaysian Cup (the Lions take on the Socceroos)
  • Singapore vs Thailand National Teams
  • Non-conventional Marriage
  • [Your Memories here]…

With so much memories left off from this building, it is no wonder that this event may draw as much attention as the coming NDP 2007 @ Marina Bay this August.

Perhaps, the greatest single icon of the national stadium is its huge seating capacity to host national scale parade like the NDP or soccer match. I noticed that there are some fine and talented Singaporeans who have dedicated their time to make up some cool videos for their country fellows and have put up on YouTube.

I have selected 2 clips which I like much and I hope you will like them as much as I do putting them up. 😉

Singapore National Day Parade @ National Stadium 2006
(~6 minutes):

NDP 2006 @ National Stadium – By Rachael Lau
(~5 minutes):

Ok, I guess it’s enough for now…

Have a wonderful weekend/week ahead! 😉

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