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Singapore NDP 2007 @ Marina Bay Part 1

June 10th, 2007 by Wai Loong (1 Comment)

NDP 2007 Website Contributed by Singapore Polytechnic
Does anyone remember that Singapore’s NDP (National Day Parade) 2007 is just around the corner?

Maybe that’s for you but I must admit that I have been so busy these days that I don’t seem to remember if the next day is Saturday! Just last Friday, I even wanted to carry on the work after Friday until a colleague of mine reminded me that I can always return to the office if I wanted! 😉

I took a half day off from my after work and just contented to have a serving of ice tea, sitting happily by the Marina Square Food center… all by myself. Here is a picture of what it looks like taken near the bay (a week ago with my friend Thim Wai):

Marina Bay 1 03-06-2007

I was quietly taking notes for my own research when the background thundered with blanks firing in the distance, and motorized boats swerving by the bay!

I look around and was thrilled to see at least 4 police coastal guard vessels to dashed pass the sea view next to the floating platform.

Boy, and did I mentioned that this year, NDP will be held at Marina Bay and the floating platforms will carry the performances, including parachuting display and *gasped* roller skating! I wonder if the performers may missed their marks and fall into the sea. 😉

Anyway, the rehersas at the bay took much of my attention off from my work… and I am forced to head for a closer view of the performances after enduring with the cigarette smoke at the food court open area.

After a while, the short snippets of rehearsals got a bit dull if you watch it repeatedly and I realized it was over an hour there staring at the waters. 😉

Today, I took a turn at the NDP 2007 official website and found no less interesting articles. It turned out that YouTube has more exciting content when it comes to multimedia.

Anyway, it’s not my position to comment anything on that since it might become officia, so why not let’s take a look at some of the more interesting videos I’ve found:


Samsui Women (NDP 2007)

Loke Tai Hoe, 89
Samsui woman Loke Tai Hoe has led a life of hardship since she arrived in Singapore at the age of 18. After toiling for decades on construction sites, she now enjoys family bliss as a great-great-grandmother.

And the all time favorites are from the country’s own home grown singers…

My Island Home –
Kaira Gong – Singapore 2006 NDP Theme

?? – Tanya Chua (NDP 2001)


The translated versions are as follows:

My Island Home – Kaira Gong –
Singapore 2006 NDP Theme (English version)

Where I Belong –
Tanya Chua (English version, NDP 2001)


Somehow, these national songs comes around at the right time when we are working so hard in our professions that we’ve almost forgotten our homeland and countrymen.

These songs re-energize us and gives us strength to move into the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year with courage and vitality.

Let me come around again when I have more interesting findings, in the coming month and as the date draws near, let me hear about your feelings (hopefully not over the new GST and NETs hikes) and how you feel to become part of this little red dot. 😉


Have a wonderful day ahead!


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