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Politically and Correct Use of OPC

May 27th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

I’ve been searching online for a while now if there are ways to share some multimedia content without loading my web sever. You see, multimedia are intensive and if you’re paying for it, it may even cause your quota to burst and take your site down for the rest of the month. 😉

After a while, I noted that there are some really good ones out there, including Google YouTube(TM) and If DRM (digital rights managements) don’t come around and put them out of business, then chances are that content sharing will continue to thrive and people like you and me shall benefit from information sharing.

As an advocate for free (free in this context means freedom, nothing to do with monetary) software and knowledge exchange, I am constantly disturbed by the risk of infringing copyrights of artworks and other medias.

One way to overcome this is to leverage on OPC. I like this term because I coined it. 😉

What is OPC?

OPC is not new. It is synonymous to OPM, commonly known as “Other People’s Money“. By the way, I bet you’re familiar with this terminology if you’ve been reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Series. Similarly, we can take the concept further by leveraging on the works of others, without actually infringing the copyright works of others.

OPC means “Other People’s Content“.

I’m not saying that you go around ripping off the work of others. What I mean that you borrow the work of others through vehicles like YouTube, where the use of media is entirely up to the public and infringement is limited to the fair use of the distributor. Now, if Google YouTube is to loose court cases like this, then the entire Internet shall implode.

The Internet IS a platform of knowledge sharing and that is exactly what benefits humanity most! No man could imagine such explosive of knowledge in the past century – thanks to technology like the Internet. We are enjoying what kings in the last centuries have probably never enjoyed, so we are truly blessed!


Okay, enough of that actually… so here is some blessing for you:

I’ve actually added media flash player to this blog which further enhance my visitor’s reading experience. While adding to the playlist, I’ve also found a very touching MTV on YouTube which I think my Chinese visitors will like very much. This clip is probably copyrighted and hopefully YouTube does not take it down anytime soon. If you like the video, please support them by being their fan or buy their music album.

This clip will actually takes a while to load, especially true if your internet connection is slow. Just be more patient and let the clip buffers.Ok, if you can’t play the clip, probably your browser is not installed with the latest Macromedia flash plugin for your browser.Once installed, close ALL your browsers (if you’re using Internet Explorer, close all of them) and reload this page. You might want to bookmark this site before you close otherwise that defeats the purpose right? ;-)Beyond that, you should be able to enjoy all the rich multimedias.

Enjoy and have an excellent day ahead! 😉


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