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Attaining Peace From The Truth of Nature

May 24th, 2007 by Wai Loong (1 Comment)

Buddha at Deer Park

I am currently reading a book (“The Truth of Nature FAQ” by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu) that I’ve bought from Thailand Phuket, Patong Beach a couple of weeks ago. The cover is quite ordinary, however the content is amazingly clear as the author took mastery in explaining many of the difficult concepts and essence of Buddhism, in simple and easy to understand sentences!

The Truth of Nature FAQThe Truth of Nature FAQ

So, the next time you pick up a book, don’t judge it by its cover! 😉

I’m particularly impressed with the approach Venerable Buddhadasa used to explain dukkha, commonly interpreted as “suffering” in Buddhist literatures.

Many books and masters that I’ve come across merely direct it to simply suffering but it seems incomplete. Dukkha, according to Buddhadasa, includes all manners of dissatisfaction, including good feelings!

Wow! If you have watched the mind blowing movie called “The Secrets“, you will understand what I mean! 😉

The essence of the Buddha’s teaching lies in the understanding of emptiness. The “world” or “self” is constantly changing and therefore is unsatisfactory. All clingings to greed, hatred and delusion brings about the clinging on to the “self” and dukkha arises because of the attachment.

Truly, tranquility, peace and harmony comes about with the alignment of right practices that eventually frees the human mind from defilements.

The method anyone can apply immediately, is surprisingly simple, yet tough when put to practice!

To see, just see.

To hear, just hear.

To smell, just smell.

To taste, just taste.

To touch, just touch.

What it means is to see, hear etc without clinging on to the feelings brought about by the act.

Let’s start with the most simplest sensor – the eye.

Supposed that you see something you like, how do you react?

Now, the very act of liking itself is craving! You see, the teachings are so sublimed that the attachment to the colour, brightness are the beginning of the cause of suffering.

Why? As mentioned already, the object of liking itself is changing and non-permanent. The believe of the “self” of the object here already creates dukkha.

Okay, this may sound very complicated but by practicing it your mind should be a lot free and isn’t that what anybody wants? 😉

I think it’s nice to share more in the coming days as we all celebrate Vesak Day on 31st May 2007!

Stay tuned!

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