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To Live Is To Serve – Some People Just Don’t Get It.

May 20th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

It’s me back to action just after a few days of working hard and thinking hard as well, the direction I will be heading.

A few discussions with some friends on the industry, mostly with the tech industry as I have been with, is the depressing future most will be facing in the near future.

As I have been reading widely, this has come as no surprise to me.

I’m not exaggerating but please read this post fully for this may become the single most important article you will depend on in whatever you do, be it in your business, relationship or life!


I’m not trying to do predictions here, nor am I trying to fortune tell. Many people will certainly disagree on what I will write here but who cares – everybody is entitled to their own thoughts (hey isn’t this my own blog too?) 😉

Let’s face the facts –

1. The rise of the Global titans and the evolution of the Internet industry has changed the lives of millions in the recent years, and this will continue to do so and in a faster speed as we move quickly in the next few years.

2. The rise of globalization has changed the fate people in many industries, especially the tech industry here.

3. The availability of broadband Internet services, WiFi, WiMAX, IPTV, HDTV etc will trash out small competing medias here.

4. People are living these days like kings, not aware of the fine things we have these days are only worthy to the royal families and kings just a couple of centuries ago.

5. People are not getting any where happier as taxes are rising and wages are raising SLOWLY compared to inflations and the demand for longer working hours and competing with lower waged neighbors.

6. Customers are getting smarter and more demanding.

And guess what? Morality is depreciating fast…

How can anyone pretend that change is not constant?


Should we get upset about what is coming up? No! But we need to be aware of it!

People are struggling everyday without even realizing that the knowledge they take away from high schools, colleges (universities) is fast obsoleting even before they start applying them! Knowledge is not going to take you anywhere unless it’s applied right and creating tremendous value out of it.

There is another aspect of education – formal education that most people are not doing that is making the situation worse. Unfortunately, I shall leave that as another article so as not to make this one too long. 😉


So why the mad rush of education?

Okay, don’t get me wrong here – I’m not against higher education. Bbut speaking from someone who tolled through university and made it here have made me realize either:

1. I’m just lucky enough to *make it* OR
2. The education standard is dropping fast – the graduates are somewhat *diluted*.


The world has changed considerably. Even universities are so obsessed with performance and rankings that they “fight” over others to brag the best research and academic capabilities. The society has turned the education as a profitable and mundane industry of talents who are in a mad rush for certifications and authority.

Sure, education is important, but it is not everything.

As I observe everyday how commuters on the MRT (a train-like public transport people take to get to places) fight to get into the cabins first, without giving proper chance for passengers to alight, I got dishearted.

Just picture this – if the lift is fulled and is opened, won’t that make sense to let the people inside get out first before you move in? How likely the chance is for people to get into the lift first before they get thrown out by the insiders who are trying to get out?

Sure, there are some great souls around with heart big enough. Unfortunately, if you put a great heart in a corrupted environment of say 10 people, chances are that the great hearted will turn rotten hearted. It’s always easier to turn ugly than to turn beautiful.
Perhaps, we have forgotten that life is so much more.

If you have been confused with what I’m trying to drive at, it’s a simple formula that will work magic for you in all aspects of your life.

The formula is “To Live Is To Serve“.

Think about it!

Is it not hard to put down your ego and allow others who are determined to “win” short but end up loosing long? Why not live to serve? We’re not here to exterminate others!

Giving up something you so desirably cling on can do a lot more good for yourself. It is the source of strength to live a happier life. Happiness is not as contagious as its opposite , so it needs even more effort and consistency to give up your wants.

Isn’t happiness is what we want after all these struggles?


Happiness is from within. Some may say – “If we cannot derive the happiness out of the things we do, then what is the point of doing it?”.

True, happiness is derived not from the outcome but from the process. Think about it. If doing something now makes you feel depressing, and expecting the outcome or rewards of the final result to make you happy, then most part of that process IS unhappy for you!

We have to learn to enjoy the processes, enabling others to enjoy it as well and making the lives of others truly valuable. Only then will true happiness be attracted into every moment that we breathe.


I hope you can find some nitty gritty clues to finding more happiness for yourself as I work hard pondering further into my life to uncover that essence.

Peace is an art. Learn to serve others and may you be well and happy! 😉


PS: I’ve chosen this picture with a little “World Vision” building, hopefully to inspire anyone who read this post, for the benefit of the world-at-large.

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