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Government To Engage Young Singaporeans On Facebook – A 5,000 Limit?

June 27th, 2008 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

REACH has a Facebook profile!I hate to say this but I’ve probably avoided writing anything political and this shall be my first… and hopefully only once in a blue moon.

Just today, REACH launched its very first attempt to increase its reach (obviously) via the extremely hot social networking platform, Facebook.  If you’ve never heard about Facebook by now, then you’ve been living under the rock for the past 2 years.

For those who are new to REACH, it’s a feedback system for the general public to submit their concerns for the various outlooks of Singapore.  Topics such as CPF changes and the rising cost of living (inflation) that has been hitting hard on the ordinary and lower income groups have been systematically compiled, summarized and probably escalated to the various goverment agencies of concern.

All feedback is compiled into summary reports which are surfaced to the Cabinet and government agencies every month for their information.
– Source: REACH FAQ

I believe this is a wise move made by the Singapore government – a bold step useful in paying closer attention to the younger generations here in Singapore (especially Generation Y) , the future of Singapore .

After reading the news reported on Channel NewsAisa, I took a peak at REACH’s Facebook profile and attempted to locate the Wall Post made by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

“What?!  PM Lee has a Facebook profiel?!”, I mumbered…

I took a closer look but no way I can find it.  A quick search found a profile listed as “Lee Hsein Loong” but it look very much like a young guy.  Opps!  I realized I’ve mispelled the wrong guy! 🙂

Trying again with the keywords “Lee Hsien Loong” yield 16 results (at the moment) and voila!  I’ve found our Prime Minister’s Facebook profile with his little picture (protrait) on it!

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Facebook Profile?

Hey, hey…!

Before you get too excited, spinning your head off the hookand start your “friend add” frenzy, consider a little technical problem with Facebook…

Facebook currently has a maximum technical limitation of 5,000 friends per profile.

So if you think you want to be a “Friend” of REACH or our Prime Minister (sounds scary?), you must act fast.  Once that limit is reach, no one knows for sure if Facebook will up this limitation, or waive it and let loose its business steam!

There are alternatives actually, if REACH ever consider in the future… is to create a Facebook Page/Group instead, and allow only friends from the Singapore based network to get more Singapore citizens to get involve.

Then again, how about Singaporeans who are based overseas?  Will it be just as effective or will it (or can it) be abused?

Comments?  Maybe you can offer your 2 cents!  🙂

Have a great weekend ahead and live a life with passion.

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