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Stop! Let Me Reveal My Simple Health Recharging Formula!

June 18th, 2008 by Wai Loong (1 Comment)

Ask anyone and it’s not too difficult to list out what’s important to them:

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Peace
  • Bliss
  • Wealth
  • etc…

So which are the important ones for you? What will it be, if I ask you to rank them in prority?

Don’t give me wealth as #1… I’ll feel very sad for you. 🙁

For me, I’ll rank the first two as: happiness and health. At the very least, I aim for a healthier living while still enjoying the finer part of life, such as good of food and beverage.

The funny part of urban life is, most folks just simply trade off health for wealth. Many folks will agree that work strains and unhealthy lifestyle can result in low level of immunity against diseases. As the body take greater toll as the years goes by unchecked, it can turn into long term and undetectable diseases,

For me, I’ve decided to adjust my lifestyle again and here is what I recommend…

  1. Nutritional Food Supplements!
    I used to be a big fan of nutritional food supplements. I know most people still do not believe this and I feel for them.It’s not just vitamins your body need… so I’ve decided to take up a 62 days health supplement program with Nutrilite‘s latest DoubleX multivitamin, multimineral and plant concentrate tablets.

    Nutrilite DoubleX - Multivitamin, Multimineral and Plant ConcentrateJust 3 days into the program, I’m now feeling great; while some folks in the office are getting sick. Well, it’s hard to conclude at this stage so I take the effect with a pinch of salt.

  2. Breathing Exercises
    I started deep breathing exercises after waking up daily in the morning. This breathing exercise was taught by my coach a few years back and it has the special ability to raise vitality and clear my nose. Deep abdominal breathing is also recommended as it is one of the best form of relaxation exercises to calm the mind.
  3. Prepare Your Own Breakfast!
    Thanks to the absurd inflation here in Singapore, I’ve decided to prepare my own simple breakfast instead of the oily Bee Hoon and Tau Foo.
  4. Smile Often!
    Most urban dwellers are probably too stressed up and does not know how to relax by actually smiling! It takes more muscles to frown than to smile!
  5. Sleep Early!
    Believe me – losing sleep is definitely detrimental for health! If you think waking up later over the weekends to catch up lost sleeping hours during the week, then you’re dead wrong! Defying the biological resting hours for your body is simply asking for trouble. Do this long enough for many years can lead to expensive hospital bills that you won’t want to dream paying off using your life and health insurance – if you’ve ever sign up them up in the first place!And here’s a little tip: The most optimum time to get to bed is between 10pm to 11pm. Late nights can force your brain to miss the optimal hours to reach the brain alpha stage, hence shortchanging your body to heal and repair optimally.
  6. Drink Lots of Clean Water!
    Most folks do not drink enough water despite of the fact they stay indoor. If you’re stuck in air-conditioned rooms, it’s even more important to drink as often as you can. Many folks that look obviously healthy may be dehydrated inside.

No more? I’m glad that you ask. I’m still learning though… so if you have something I’ve missed, do feel free to write it in my comment section below!

Take care….

Meanwhile, Stay hungry, Stay foolish and live a life with passion!

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