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Site Redesign and Overhaul – Coming Soon!

June 15th, 2008 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

My WordPress Evolution

If you’ve been a regular visitor to my blog, I really got to thank you for your patience. I’ve been kept real busy for the past few weeks unable to write regularly for a good reason… it’s time for a change.

As Steve Jobs have pointed out in one of my earlier post, whenever I look into the mirror in the morning, and ask myself if I were to do what I’m about to do today for the past 30 days, I know it’s time for a change.

And you should too!

It has been a while that I’ve been writing articles based on my own experiences and some from others. I’ve gotten acquainted with the blogging platform I’ve been using and so far, I’ve been able to combine my passion in software and graphics design. Keeping abreast with changes in social media and technology will probably not going to change easily in the near future.

What will change is my presentation style.

In case you’re not aware, all the articles that I’ve written so far have been written with the very platform that have evolved quite a bit until now. Honestly, I haven’t really explored much about the blogging software until I made a tough decision recently to take a serious look at what readers actually wants to see.

I noticed that many of my readers are really tech/financial/entertainment geeks. Only a handful of visitors are friends and acquaintances. Considering what different readers really want, and what the blogging software can do, I’ve decided to build a structure out of the existing one.

In summary, here’s a rough breakdown of what’s up in the coming months:

Blog Presentation Style:

If you’re observant enough, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve started to style with smaller fonts.

I figured that smaller fonts with great content allows greater flexibility in template styling, while allowing spaces and graphics to fill in neatly. As display resolutions keep going up higher, and more mobile devices are better equipped to view web pages, it makes sense to plan longer term for such changes.

In case you’re not aware, this blog is now iPhone and iTouch capable! I reckoned that such changes shall cope with the popular in demand in the coming years… and any blogger should get prepared for the new age of mobile visitors.

As multimedia and social media gets widely accepted, it also makes sense for me to include targeted audiences using rich media like audio and video. I’ve recently added a video extension to this blogging platform that allows anyone to create video comments on all my past and future posts/pages!

To engage visitors and draw fresh content, I’m planning to supercharge various parts of the blog post and pages with special RSS feed capability, both inbound and outbound.

Blog Posts:

Blog posts are what makes up most blogs out there on the Web. Each post is like an entry that is arranged in order of date. The latest post is almost often at the top. Each blog post can be categorized into one or more groups.

My plan is to keep each post short and focus on current affairs. This should be aligned with what most blogs looks like everywhere else, without burning myself out writing long and deeply researched articles in each post.

As you’ve probably noticed by now (if you’re my regular reader – thanks dude!), I make deep researches and uncover evidences and facts before putting together a full article/post. On average, it takes me 1 to 2 full days to research, prepare (typing and graphics) and publish each. You get the idea how much information there is!

While trying to keep sane, I think it’s about time to keep current and short posts in the main thread, aiming around 300-700 words per post with about or less than 5 pictures to drive through a point. I’m also planning to keep the main page to display around 3 to 5 posts so readers can look back for a while. 🙂

As I pointed out, it’s going to keep me occupied writing about my experiences, while keep the details elsewhere… as I’m about to get to next.

Blog Pages:

What are blog pages?

Pages are very similar to posts. To understand pages, you got to contrast against posts. Posts appear automatically in reverse chronological order in most blogging platform. Pages are where I will present timeless information, mostly information sharing that I am passionate about.

Since most folks are not aligned to my “diverse” interest and passions, I have discovered that the best way to keep those topics isolated (and therefore more targeted), by creating specialized templates and run those pages in parallel with the main posts.

Each page shall have a main parent hierarchy (forgive me – I’ve always been an engineering professional), and each children pages shall be linked together using proprietary templates and codes that I write and customized.

For example, here are some root hierarchies that I plan to create as times passes by:

  • WordPress Hacks
  • IT Hacks
  • F&B Hacks (Food & Beverages)
  • Financial Hacks
  • Reading Hacks
  • Spiritual Hacks
  • Other Hacks etc

Each root category shall drive down to sub-categories which are linked automagically by proprietary codes. All sub-category articles shall keep a consistent series of templates that shall remain relevant to the parent category. This may permit better human interactions, as well as relevance to indexing and bots engines who may be crawling around.

What else…?

Okay, these are just some ideas to get me up and going and probably very busy for the coming year ahead. Each category of information shall be specifically targeted for ideas and tips relevant to their topics.

And of course, this arrangement can assist me to isolate my diverse interests without getting killed trying to write lengthy articles as I’ve used to be doing. Furthermore, this arrangement allows me to extend the system engage freelance writers of anyone who may be considered domain expert to participate.

Blog Navigation:

This is a very trick part.

I’ve never been good at this and have tried to learn some great ideas from other bloggers and web designers. Navigation is tricky because it has to be able to allow anyone to find information on the site, while keeping it friendly to human and machines.

I’m looking at creating a breadcrumb-like navigational links on the top of the site, while keeping the bottom ones slightly complicated for visitors who would like to explore deeper into the site.

That’s it!

The existing blog RSS feed will continue to function as per normal. Comment feeds have been added where they will be serviced by the blogging platform for anyone who may be interested to watch any comments made in that interest post/page. I’ll be looking forward to the day where I have learn the art of creating specialized feeds to serve each and every interest groups on my blog.

If you are interested to become an editor, author, or freelance writer for any of my future interest categories, do feel free to drop by a comment and make your voices known.

Thanks for reading and do keep your comments coming in!

Stay hungry, stay foolish and live a life with passion!

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