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Twittering-Facebooking-Blogging Made In Social-Networking Heaven!

May 8th, 2008 by Wai Loong (2 Comments)

Do you go around twittering, facebooking and blogging? Chances are that if you haven’t done any of the above, then you’re surely missing out some big bangs in your life! And that’s something got to do with Web 2.0, Web 3.0, or whatever Web X.Y.Z that comes it (which really doesn’t matter in what I’m just about to share).

This combination has certain impact on my life. At least now, if you’ve not understand the power of networking by now.

What do I mean?

Six degrees of separation.Image via Wikipedia

Have you heard of the concept of Six Degrees of Separation?

Here’s one that offers an excellent Wikipedia description of what I mean:

Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person he or she knows and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people he or she knows, then everyone is an average of six “steps” away from each person on Earth.

As an illustration, supposed you want to meet or get to know someone of power, wealth or charisma to aid you in the pursue of whatever your purpose is. You’ve no clue what you can do to reach that objective. Naturally, you start looking around and the first thing that caught your sight are your family and friends.

Darned! And supposed that you’ve been hibernating from your house for a long time, there’s still this group of people they call neighbors who may be of some assistance…

The trick is through the mouth of this first person I call node 1, it can expand to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (and some folks seriously believe it can stop at 5) and finally the 6th person – the desirable person of influence, power, wealth, knowledge… whatever you desire, want – you may get!

Amazing concept? I honestly believe so!

Here’s some easy reasonings I came up with…

In fact, a person has no less than an average of 1000 people they know in their lifetime! I’ve heard this saying that even if you have difficulty writing down 100 names for your wedding dinner/invitation, no one is really a failure in the industry of network marketing or just about any kinds of sales.

For example, Microsoft Research Redmond lab did a recent study they called “Six Degree of Separation in Instant Messaging” with the assistance from the popular Microsoft Messenger system. The results from this one month data study was astonishing! Essentially, geographical location is now a proof of irrelevant with the use of technology such as the Internet to validate this concept.

The dataset which was collected in June 2006 contains summaries of 30 billion conversations among 240 million people. And they were very surprised to find that the average number of jumps to get from one random user to another was 6.6.” This is very close to the old ’six degrees of separation’ idea which states that everyone on Earth is six ’steps’ away from anyone else.

Even professionals benefit by taking the advantage of this powerful concept. In an article, “Six degrees of Stuart Schreiber“, even a group of chemical biologists have found themselves somewhat having fun when they actually traced out how they are socially connected to one other!

Essentially, there’s no good reason why you cannot achieve the things you want in your life. It all boils down to your determination, your discipline, your will power and perhaps, a stroke of “luck” and time.

With the rise of web, wireless and social networking technologies , the world is getting really very (logically) small indeed! Technology enables businesses and explode human activities. On the other hand, it can turn folks into alternate avenues for vices, such as excuses, gossips, mindless games to pass time, or worse, crimes!

So what am I trying to drive at?

Essentially, I’m trying to link you from the amazing concept of 6 degrees of separation, to the secrets of wireless and social networking technologies!

To make the concepts tick, you will need a couple of ingredients, with the main things below:

The Right Networking Tools
LOTs of People

Remember that networking is about connecting people? There’s a caveat here actually. It’s really about the quality of people whom you want to connected with. And that begins with increasing the quality your own self.

You see, no one really wants to hang out with losers. Even losers avoid other losers to get out of the rut they’re in. In the world of social networking, people do care about who they want correspondence with, with the exceptions of spammers, stalkers and any other types of cyber-criminals.

That asides, and if you’re willing to empower the lives of others with your own work, you’ll definitely benefit from what I’m about to share.

Let’s begin with the Tools.

#1. The Right Networking Tools

The Magic of Facebook

When it comes to social networking, web based ones are the most prevalent ones around. Social networking tools are not new. Just about 10 years ago, applications that installs into your machine, such as ICQ, were already taken a sizable positions.

I had an ICQ account that was 7 digit in length. In fact, it looked really like a telephone number back then that folks have mistaken that as my residential number!

Pretty cool huh?

But It gets ever better; it was later then I discovered that a REAL person (he’s an Indian guy) does exist on the other side of the fixed line number that coincides with my ICQ number!

Anyway, there’s no less than an abundance of quality social networking tools at your disposal today.

The ones worth mentioning here are Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is a full Web 2.0 appliance that has attracted quite a bit of hype over the past few years. Almost everyone now (I guess!) are acquainted with it or are planning to use it in the next few months.

Twitter on the other hand, is a kind of budget instant messaging platform that limits you to a good old 140 characters message. The idea of doing so is that it force you to compose something concise enough, and quick to get immediate feedback without boring your network of people to death.

Not to be outdone, Facebook has recently launched a series of improvements that make social networking going on steroids! For instance, Facebook now has an integrated instant messaging (IM) system built right into it. This cool little gadget makes life a lot easy and gives you the ultimate firepower to talk in real-time virtually with anyone on this planet – and instantly!

Facebook Instant Messaging

As the article, “The social web or the semantic web?” pointed out, messaging has been indeed a long awaited replacement for emails. But seriously, will Facebook’s email system be obsoleted? In my own opinion, this situation is pretty unlikely even in the near future. The rational being simple; email is a technology of “escaping” the world of instant response. Folks still prefer to take their own sweet time to consider what they want to express in words. Nevertheless, instant messaging and email each has their own roles in the emerging world of social networking.

Well, that’s the Facebook’s new instant messaging system in a nutshell!

Surprising, in just less than 2 weeks after the addition of IM features on Facebook, a different team on Facebook has kicked in and applied an aged old viral marketing or tell-a-friend technique to boost its popularity. This technique is called “Suggest Friends that So-and-So may know”.

Facebook Friend Request

Believe it or not, this simple yet powerful technology enabled 2 of my recently added friends to boost their network connections by a factor of no less than 30%!

The Magic of Twitter

Click on image or link to follow me around on Twitter!

On the surface, Twitter is not as feature rich as Facebook. It doesn’t have fanciful applications such as games to hook your soul and rob your time away from your family. Yet, it can get really addictive IF you setup the right conditions.

What makes Twitter different from Facebook, is its simplicity and ability to link like minded people to show off or advertise whatever they may be passionate about. By forcing you to use no more than 140 characters to express your thoughts, you waste no time trying to please anyone. You get the point across fast and many times, you get answers to your questions real fast!

For example, I had a problem with my web host and blogging software and I sought the opinion of a small group of about 60 followers (friends that follow your twittering around twitter). I got fantastic response and my problems was solved right there on the spot.

Of course, there are times when you don’t get a satisfactory answers yet because there aren’t enough domain experts who can offer solutions within your followers. And that problem can be reduced in #2 (more on this later).

If you’re bored with Twitter’s rather dull user interface, try out Twhirl, an alternative Twitter client which I enjoy very much. Twhirl requires Adobe AIR, a desktop runtime library that empowers web developers to build rich Internet applications based on Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX.

Twhirl Twitter client download

#2. LOTs of Friends

In case you’re wondering why social networking hasn’t really been working too well for you, is because you missed a very important component.

If you’re trying to create a buzz or promote your business, you’ll want lots of qualified traffic! Social networking is essentially a kind of word of mouth or viral marketing tactic. It enables you to connect a ton of people to you (or the kind of people, products, services or ideas you are looking for) automagically!

The good news is, you can easily do this with Twitter!

Twitter on the surface is really boring if no one is interested to follow you (or stalking you) on what you have to say or advertise. I’ve confirmed this because a substantial number of fellow Singaporeans somewhat ditched it after playing with it for a while (including many of my friends!).

What they probably never realize is that, it get extremely exciting if you have a ton of folks following you! You can do lots of great things with it, such as exchanging ideas, learning new tricks to doing businesses, joint ventures, drive tons of traffic to your businesses, blogs… etc! The only limitation is your creativity.

And if you do it right, you can be connected to some of the most powerful and influential people in your arena of interest! That idea applies to Facebook too, well almost…

You see, Facebook has a little problem over here. Facebook currently does impose a maximum limit of 5,000 friends. You’ll don’t want to bet if this silly limitation does get remove one day, do you?


Having the right tools is a great starting point. Unfortunately, tools are just tools and the things that make them tick and runs well falls back to basic, ancient age old technology call relationship building. I’ve yet to discover a replacement for this technology and hopefully by the time you’ve found it, I’ll be still around to hear your good news!

I trust that you’ve learn something useful here that can improve your life dramatically. Drop me a few comments or just about anything you like to share and let’s expand on our mutual knowledge and experiences.

Stay hungry, stay foolish and live a life with passion!

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2 Responses:

Chad Richards on May 9th, 2008 at 3:00 am

Great article! I’m newer to Twitter and have gotten a little frustrated – much like your friends did. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to increase the number of people who follow you? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Wai Loong on May 12th, 2008 at 1:35 pm

1. You can check out who I’ve been following recently for example (currently about 700++) and see if you like what they’re twittering about, and what you’re really interested and passionate about.

2. Have you use Twitter’s search feature? You can use it to uncover some very interesting people in your neighborhood.

3. Search Google using creative terms examples:
“twitter +blog”
“twiiter [fill in whatever your interest is]”

4. Finally, encourage all your friends to join and ask them to follow you. Unfortunately, this did not work well with me as I suspected that Twitter does not appear to be as fun as Facebook… 🙂

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