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What Will You and I Have Done Better In 2007?

December 31st, 2007 by Wai Loong (2 Comments)

Dear friend,

It’s almost ending year 2007… and I’ve managed to keep up with my writing pace so far! Thanks a lot for all the comments and encouragements I’ve received over the last 10 8 months!

Did you feel a loss today when you realized it’s the last piece on your calender?

What have you NOT achieve this year that you’ve set out to but ended up regretting? Or were there any incidents for you this year that you’ve regretted NOT doing, or doing?

“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.”
Kahlil Gibran

I bet if you’re somebody with a strong desire for self-improvement, you wouldn’t have waited until now to rethink what you would have done looking back 2007? Or worse, if you are someone who never contemplate on your actions… it’s about high time you take a re-look at your options for 2008!

Of course, while you’re looking around at all the options on your plate, let’s all not forget the larger economic changes that will impact your daily life… or you may choose to ignore changes at your own peril!

Inflation vs Economic Growth

Skyrocketing inflation is fast catching up at record speeds here in Singapore. This translates to greater wealth to the rich and greater liability to the average and poor. We cannot deny that there is a price to pay for economic growth, but let’s all not forget the better quality of living we’re all having while moving forward in life.

As the saying goes, “We now all possesses knowledge and luxuries, what only Kings and Emperors have exclusively only in the last two centuries”.

Peace and Stability

Fear of terrorist and political instability is number one concern for many people around the world. For many Singaporean, we have almost forgotten how fortunate we are to be in a conducive environment, safe from bad weather and political and terrorist unrest.

As we march right into the new year, let’s all pray hard for world peace and all unfortunate human beings who are trapped in disasters and and tremors… and of course not to forget what happened in December 2004, of tsunami victims and families who perished in the most deadliest in recorded history.

Global warming and energy demand

Now we’re all feeling the impact. Did you not noticed the strange weather this year all around the globe? Folks are now more conscious of the lethal effects of pollutions to our environment. As a result, crop harvests have been severely affected.

As energy demand climbs to record high in many developing countries, renewable sources of energy are now in huge demand and research are pushing to new frontiers to the rescue.

If you’ve been sharp enough, you too can benefit from the energy boom.

Record Air/Sea/Ground Accidents – Applied Numerology?

Did you notice the large number of accidents reported this year? Yes, and this seems to be something interesting brought up by my elder brother who use Numerology to explain this strange phenomenals. It sounds strange that “7” is a number associated to accidents, particularly here in Singapore.

Pull up the papers and you’ll notice accidents from the recent Marine disaster (SAF) while chasing some pirates off the waters of Singapore. How about the record number of road accidents flashing across headlines? Even the SMRT (public train) is not spared. Record number of suiciders are jumping off the rails.

Is Numerology accurate?

I’m not sure, but the forces of the universe is so mysterious that I’ll rather keep my fingers crossed. Applying Numerology for 2008, it’s a staring “8” promising loads of cooperate and personal lawsuits. And this is already happening…

Noticed the recent number of hawkers caught by IRAS (tax comptroller of Singapore)? Not only are they caught, but fined heavily and put to jail for evading taxes. If you think these are minority, then it’s time to wake up.

It’s no secret now that hundreds of self-made millionaires here are made in the food and beverage industry (F&B). Many of them retail insignificant products, such as curry puffs, laksa, prawn noodles, chicken rice etc… are greedy enough to under report their taxes and get into trouble.

Cooperate lawsuits are coming up fast. As the sub-prime mortgage crises expand, more cooperate failures are going to mushroom, hitting the stock markets and multiple economies if they’re sever enough.

Again, this is no promise but it’s always good to keep that in mind if you’re investing over long term in any securities.

Wow… so much so for the greater outlook!

Did I scare you? Hopefully not!

As I’ve pointed out earlier, it’s time to reflect on achievements and new aspirations!

So how have I grown so far?

Well… all I can say is WOW!

It’s been an excellent year for me! And if you’re interested in me, allow me to share some personal quick recaps here:

Major Overseas Trips:
RSA Conference 2007 (Feburary)
A first glimpse of Phuket Island (May)
Return to Malaysia Sofitel, Palm Resort (October)

I’ve been fortunate enough this year to touchdown on the soils of a few foreign countries, including USA, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

My most memorable time was in San Francisco!

For the first time, I experienced temperature low enough to frost my lips… sending a chilling cold down my spine as I walked down the bay of pier of fisherman’s wharf. Strangely, the afternoon sun ray in San Francisco was as burning hot like that in Singapore, but with a tinkering cooling atmosphere around.

Tired of the cold outside? Hide in the shopping malls! Shopping is excellent around the streets. As a bookworm, I’ve almost lost touch with time as I worked my way around the shelves of Borders.

Of course, investing quality time at the Conference was one lifetime experience! Where else can you network with thousands of other information security experts all around the world and share real world security threats? Boy, sure is great to go again if I ever have another opportunity…

Phuket was relaxing enough to indulge in beautiful beaches and simple lifestyle of the local Thais. You can find more of my earlier articles in the follow links:

And finally, I’m back to Palm Resort for the annual Team Building activities. Not very fantastc though but memorial enough for me to put a small snapshot in a post:

1. Professional Career Development
Product improvement (8 months effort)
Recognition award for minor contribution (September)

For the past 10 months, I’ve been working hard to improve product stability. As the project is closing soon, it has been a major learning experience and work satisfaction to up my technical abilities.

Concurrently, I was tasked to work part-time on innovative idea competition in the new work year. Unfortunately, the greater whole did not take off as the Chairman struggled with his mainstream job and we were left to bit the dust. Strangely, I was later awarded a recognition for minor contributions in this project… though it came in a bit too late for any significant impact for the organization.

2. Personal Development Blog (April)

After some struggles, I’ve decided to setup and run a personal development blog on 8th April. Fortunately, I was able to register the domain “” before any other “wailoong”s could do so. This is indeed an asset for me since I can use it to build a personal brand (hopefully!) on the Internet!

Setting up a blog is a personal breakthrough for me. This is going to be a long term commitment for me to all my readers worldwide. Not only can I share my personal experiences, I can practice writing, an essential life skill and network with friends (and new ones too!).

If you’re procrastinating to operate one, I urge you to do so quickly and commit yourself to your own personal development! You’ll find great personal satisfactions in doing so. I can testify to that!

3. Personal Finance Development
Affilate Projects (May-June)
Secrets of Millionaire Investors (July)
Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires
Personal Investment Education (July – Present)

I’ve made a mile of adjustments to my own financial education this year!

Not only have I experimented and run my own projects, I’ve uncovered first hand what it was all about and tasted the possibilities of running home based businesses!

Under the wise advise of my financial adviser, I’ve made significant adjustments to better health coverages, cash investments and understanding the greater picture (and multiple facets too!) of insurance, health and income protection.

Perhaps, the most significant move I made was getting myself educated in financial instruments and personal finance and management. I’ve finally bit the bullet and adopted what Adam Khoo taught in his earlier book, the way to manage our personal finances. This way, I took control over my personal cashflow and invested in some quality financial education.

The only problem I now have is to re-organize my shelve spaces to accommodate this new library of books and filing materials! Do let me know if you have solutions!

4. Networking & Social Development
Personal introduction to Adam Khoo (January)
Habitat For Humanity (August)
In-Camp Training (October)
Facebook (November)

For the first time, I’ve met Adam Khoo personally and shook hands with him! This is something amazing and inspiring for anyone who aspires to finding greater happiness and wealth. It’s great to write to Adam on an occasional basis, and to consult him about his writings and life.

I did some small contributions back to the world by getting involved in raising funds and manual labor for a family in Batam. This project was made possible thanks to Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit Christian organization. You can check out greater details on my earlier writings in the post:

Two months later, I joined my annual ICT mates in a once-in-a-lifetime training at OETI for a technical refreshment course and boy, what a fantastic catchups was that for me during the 2 weeks!

Finally, the smartest social development decision I’ve made was to sign up on Facebook. Apparently, I’ve signed up on Deepavali (a public holiday here in Singapore) so I’ve got plenty of chance to explore its features.

Boy was I amazed at the power behind this platform! Not only have I found many long lost friends, I was also able to network with my coaching mentor, friends and colleagues!

Furthermore, Facebook applications empowered me to share my favorite video clips and send well wishes to all in my network. To some extend, I’ve even created my own Facebook application… this is done largely on a personal level to have a feel on the nitty gritty parts of this superior social networking technology.

Before I sign off… allow me to conclude…

Smart people grab and create opportunities appropriate for one’s goals. Average folks simply stand and stare at opportunities right before their eyes and wondered what it means before slapping on their foreheads many years later.

What will you be planning to achieve this coming year?

Are you going to lead a life like you did this year?

Let that not happen to you! I highly recommend that you read widely and learn frantically from the experiences of the wise. Find mentor(s) and friends that can uplift your spirit.

And finally, always remember that you are not alone in this universe. Let your love for mankind and humanity be one of the driving forces for you to share your love and accomplishments, and may there be a better world for all!

Happy New Year… and I’ll see you again next week!

Live life with passion!

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2 Responses:

Yen Thim Wai on January 1st, 2008 at 8:24 pm

Wish u Happy New Year 2008

~ Cisco ~

Wai Loong on January 2nd, 2008 at 5:07 pm

A very fruitful New Year to you too!
I dare not say it will happen, but it will be a year, as much as how you want and design it to be!

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