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What I Discover From The Inner Mind of Adam Khoo and The Patterns of Excellence

November 4th, 2007 by Wai Loong (4 Comments)

It was back in 2006 when I first heard of Adam Khoo and later Merry Riana. I was quite defensive against how Adam made his presence in Singapore and I thought he was another of those hoo-haa marketing tactics to grab mass attention. Frankly, have you ever felt that way before? The feeling of how your ego rises up even though you know you might be wrong? I felt that personally, many times a week – and to that my friend, comes only with inner realization.

All of us are wrong in one way or another, so don’t be too hard up on yourself.

And so I’m here for a surprise to you…

Something you can take home at the end of this blog post.

Note: Please be aware that I’m not here trying to defend Adam in any way. I’m just stating from facts and insights I draw from my own experiences.

Oh, and in case you aren’t sure how Adam Khoo and Merry Riana look like, I’ve included some pictures of them (their books actually) here…

Adam Khoo - Unleshing The Winner and Genius In Your Child Merry Riana - A Gift From A Friend

It came as a surprise to me when I found out that Merry is from the same class of NTU graduates in the School of EEE as me! Anyway, she found a way into an already competitive coaching business and is a self-made millionaire by the age of 26, in just 4 years past graduation! Now, that’s something to ponder about why even the elite students of my graduating class were not even smelling anywhere near a quarter million dollars in pure net worth.

Of course, my purpose here is NOT to dig into Merry, but to focus on on something about Adam (also a self-made millionaire by age 26) that I might be wrong about him.

Not many people dare admit they’re wrong. It takes tremendous courage to even blurt out, much less to ask for forgiveness.

Revealing… Adam Khoo’s Pattern of Excellence:

So, I guess to make up for my lack of understanding about what Adam teaches, you can rush down to the link below (before Adam decides to remove it), download it and read everything in this very useful resource – something made only available by Adam to all his subscribers:

Patterns of Excellence Live CD 01

Click Image or This Link to Access The Seminar Blog Download (135MB)…

For your sake, I challenge you to finish this 46-pages resource in a day.

I’ve personally blazed through it in 1 hour flat. Believe me – this little resource is jam packed with values, and more values stacked on values – for something that’s free!

It’s not for everyone though, especially if you have the kind of belief system I had. My perspective has since changed as I got to know more about Adam and having personally met and shook his hands sometime earlier this year.

I’m thinking that it’ll be an excellent idea to summarize what I thought about “Patterns of Excellence” and the experiences I had with my private coaching course some years ago.

Inside the Mind of Adam Khoo:

#1: Personal Mastery:

Adam talks about a series pf concepts that draws from the science of human psychology.

  • Body Postures
  • Sianz…
  • The art of breathing
  • Tone of your voice
  • Smile! You’re only on Camera?
  • Internal Self-Representation

Personal mastery is about knowing yourself physically and how carry yourself physically.

Did you know that your body posture is critical to your self-image? Your body is talking to you. For example, are you slouching? What happens is you’re losing energy and maybe even self-confidence.

Are You Feeling “Sianz”…?

As you combine the feeling of “Sian” (literally means boring in Singlish), your mood will gets worse. “Sian” is a typical Singaporean remark but did you know that you affirm that further by proofing it to yourself? It’s contagious and it can harm your mental well-being. Folks with that habitual feeling easily spiral downwards without realizing its detrimental effects. Adam made a good effort illustrating it in his “Patterns of Excellence” seminars.

Breathing can affect your mood?

Believe it or not, a simple practice of breathing CAN change your day! See if you can sit upright now and take a few deep breaths before reading on. Notice the cool air entering your nostril, enters your chest, then your lungs. Slowly exhale, noticing the warm air passing through your nostril this time. Repeat for as many times as you need to get that energy in you before you start any laborious work.

Are you a smoker?

There’s good news for you! Adam made a good connection between breathing and smoking cigarettes.

You can save a ton of money by sucking pens instead – because all smoking is doing for you is merely helping you breathe slowly! That’s the major component, other than the effects of tobacco. Not only can you save yourself from hefty medical bills when you get older, you can also help not to pollute the air.

Did you ever realize that the tone of your voice has the power to affect the people you talk to? In fact, all powerful communicators project their voices beyond themselves, through the person or audiences he/she is addressing. Change your tone and hence change your feelings. Think about that.


Not many people dare to do this, but I did this experiment on the SMRT (train) a few years ago. I went around smiling to everyone I see… and surprisingly, people smile back! 😉

What a concept! Works especially well on babies, where their mothers will smile back at you!

Of course, if you have a face of a stalker, please don’t attempt anything above!

What I’m getting at, is the power of effective smiling! Not many people discover its power, so I hope you’ll put that to good use.

Internal Representation:

Happiness is all internal, inside You. It’s happening NOW, not in the Past, because that’s what you were.

It’s not in the Future, because it’s not happening yet.

It’s about being in the present, the NOW!

One of the ways Adam uses to illustrate being in the NOW is visualization. Think of a lemon and immediately you’re iced and cool from a hot afternoon.

Get the picture?

So… when you’re feeling down… visit this blog post again and look at the pictures below. Deep down inside us, we all love adorable visuals – they all stimulates the same chemicals of happiness in your brain!

Sleepy Kittens 01
Lovely Kittens 01

And of course… some unintentional porn. 😉

Naked Baby In a Laundry 01

Hey, no offense but I’m thinking that everybody almost enjoy everything about babies (except the pool).

#2: Inter-Personal/People Mastery:

Have you every wonder why certain folks are so much lovable, able to build rapports with all sorts of people?

It’s the skill of selling and effective communication.

Something I draw from my own experience is to be genuine with people. A lot of times, you’ll face people putting on the mask of society.

Maybe you’re one culprit yourself. How about being true and genuine with yourself first. You can’t be any genuine to others without being true and genuine to yourself first.

As Adam also pointed out, effective communication includes the tone – the way you say it. Your tone energizes the people you talk to and often, delivers a punch, an impact.

Try observing an effective communicator and you’ll find no less than hand and body gestures as he/she speaks.

#3: Patterns of Thoughts:

Have you ever got up in the morning and groan…

“10 more minutes and I’ll be up”… you mumbled to yourself.

It’ll become 1 hour or more for some people. And by the way, Steve Pavlina has written an excellent article “How to Wake Up Feeling Totally Alert” in one of his earlier post, so I’m thinking if it’s great for you to review it!

Same thing for procrastination. It’s a disease, a deadly virus to humanity.

Again, that thought of “Sian” may arise.

Some common symptoms I’ve identified if you’ve been infected:

  • “I’ll just get that done later” (it may never come)
  • “I can come back again tomorrow” (Actually, there may be no tomorrow)
  • “Maybe next year” (Wait for another Christmas?)
  • “No time left… ” (You’ll never find enough time to do otherwise)
  • “Another day?”

Most of us fail in our goals because these deadly patterns of thought can thwart our own success. I remembered a very powerful phrase that I put up as my own dream board at home and here it is for sharing:

The chains of habits are too weak to be felt until too strong to be broken.
Samuel Johnson

Powerful phrase indeed!

The message Adam wants to point out is: “Getting started and keep on going, is better than thinking all day and taking no action”.

In addition, persistency, discipline and commitment forms part of all the non-negotiable ingredients to any success.

Just remember that at the end of the day, it’s your results that matters.

As my coach has always say:

You results are your Guru.
Manoj Sharma

#4: Drivers of Human Behavior:

Human beings are driven by emotions and desires.

Surprisingly, most people are taught goal settings the wrong way.

Goal setting alone will not get you anywhere, without aligning your passions and triggering your emotion hot buttons. Before all these can happen, a meaningful driven purpose must be well thought out. Some call it vision, or dream.

Unfortunately, vision here is not quite suitable because goals are a short-term milestones into achieving a bigger objectives. Purpose is precisely the word as it is articulated from your very intention and values.

I guess that’s pretty much to Adam’s live seminar!

Do let me hear your story or share your thoughts in the comments areaand do remember to finish reading your transcript download today. Never procrastinate or put it off for another day!

Life’s just too short to put things on hold…

Have a great week ahead and live life with passion!

PS: If you’ve missed the download link mentioned above, here it is again.

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4 Responses:

Yen Thim Wai on November 4th, 2007 at 11:26 pm

Nice cats

Wai Loong on November 6th, 2007 at 12:29 am

LOL! They’re actually kittens…

I’m thinking that kittens are so adorable that anyone, at least being in the present, right here and right NOW; that you can experience a little happiness, even for a short while?

Think about that for a moment!

zi hao on February 22nd, 2008 at 1:28 am

hey ure good.. are u adam khoo disciple.. i attended ernest wong courses b4 and i find it great.. and u go into more detail. ? i fin du great.. like write up another post or wad? i love his courses on the self made millionare.. but i dun have enuff money to take up the course =( … btw this post do helps.. thanks ! get to me asap ok.. would like to see ure reply..

Wai Loong on February 22nd, 2008 at 9:16 am

Hello Zi Hao!

I’m not a Adam Khoo’s disciple for your information. I’ve just happened to read both his books “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires” and “Secrets of Millionaire Investors” and personally met him on a rare company workshop.

Personally, I consider his writing style easy going and highly practical. I apply many of his methods into money management and some into investments on a daily basis.

I rarely write on Adam Khoo but I highly recommend that you grab a copy of his “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires” and literally start applying his personal money management techniques.

I guarantee you’ll find a lot more financial gain by the end of the year.

Thanks for dropping by…
And good investment in your time and money!


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