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Will You Support Singapore Cancer Society Charity Show 2007?

October 28th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

This evening, I was thinking hard – should I dial that donation call? No, please don’t be mistaken that I’m a petty miser. In fact, here’s why…

The Singapore Cancer Society Charity Show

I don’t mean to boost how much money I’m donating. After all, that’s the measly least I can do to make up for the universe that has empowered me. But I just can’t seem to get over the fact that a lot of folks who part with their money, are just telling around as though they’ve donated over a $1,000,000.

In fact, I’ve been an active donor since I began I’ve got conscripted into the local compulsory Armed Forces. I’m not even sure which beneficiary organization it was – even till today! I’ve never really whispered about this, but I can assure you that I’ve given away more in a month than anyone else who would care in a single year. Bear in mind that we national servicemen do not get paid more than $350 allowances (for 2 years straight) until we’re qualified specialists.

While studying in a local university, I was financially strapped so I was off the radar for almost 3 years. I took a turn to donating blood until the doctor stopped me for fearing that I’ll dry up as I was approaching the limits of least optimum weight.
I’m back again, adding on top of my donations to NKF and Singapore Cancer Society. Unfortunately, I’ve being forced to terminated my debit card this year for personal reasons, thus ended my usual contributions. I’ve picked up my keyboard and worked a request to the organization but since then, I’ve gotten no reply.

Anyway, long story short…

The point of my appeal is:

Will You Support Singapore Cancer Society Charity Show 2007?

Or better still…

Will You Support Any Charity Shows, Be It Past Present or Future?

I know, Singaporeans has been ranked one of the least happy civilizations in the world. Surprisingly, Malaysians are being ranked at least 3x happier, according to Wikipedia’s Happy Planet Index. How easy or hard do we part away with our hard earned money to charities?

Here’s a brief summary of why you may not consider to donate:

  • Since the NKF saga, Singaporeans have restored their shaken confidence at the transparencies of charity organizations from misusing public funds to buy golden water taps. As you’ve probably know, even the assurance of the Government, which is world famous for its low corruption rate and the law-by-law legislations, is not guaranteed.
  • Tax rebates. Yes, the IRAS may let you off just this one – only IF you are giving out through official means such as regular monthly payments with certificates of proof. Charity shows are not exempted.
  • Heard of GST? It’s now 7%!
    And yes, you WILL be paying GST for charity work!
    Why would there be tax on the sales of charity work?
  • 1900-xxxx-xxxx is NOT toll-free!
    You’ll be paying for something like $0.30 per phone call.
    I’ll be smarter to make a SINGLE call than to make several small donation call.
    But then again, paying 30 cents make me feel silly. I wonder upon the true percentage of all donations really goes to the cancer victims who are the ones who truly need the financial assistance…
  • Remember the Renci Charity Show earlier this year?
    The Singapore Cancer Society made a single check payment to support their efforts…
  • Heard of Sunshine Empire?
    I nearly fainted when I heard about their single check donation this evening!
    Yes, this company operates like a MLM organization and is currently based in Toa Payoh Hub. It made headlines a few days ago where its operation is undergoing investigation by MAS (Monetary authority of Singapore) for selling security-like products to as many as 20,000 Singaporeans.Looks like some conscience searching is on the way…

Sorry, if I’ve sounded realistic, but hey…
here’s some reasons why you wouldn’t want to pull the telephone cord:

  • Charity shows are effective. That’s why television advertising still rules! Why do you think has becoming so much talked about today, in spite of the ferocious competition from Yahoo and eBay?
    The last figure I saw was something like SGD $5,700,000++ for this evening, beating the original target of $5,000,000 in an official notice posted on the website!
    Where else can you find the best media to propagate a donation drive?
  • Do you live in HDB flats, Condo or Semi-Ds?
    Consider yourself very fortunate for having the ability to take care of your family’s basic needs.
    The rest are just wants.
  • Seeing pain on the faces of cancer patients is unbearable.
    Touch your heart and conscience to see if you’ve still got any.
  • Do you have problems feeding yourself (both physically and financially)?
    Let me assure you that you’ll feel most terrible, if not for the measly $3.00 for 2 meals. Not only will you get upset about strength to life a spoon, your next meal could be at stake.
  • If you’re thinking about social assistance for these cancer patients, you can forget about it.
    Getting social relief is as hard as squeezing blood from grassroots leaders, unless you’ve got good connections. Furthermore, the monthly household income of the victims must be pretty unbearable before even be considered to qualify.
  • I can’t think of more at the moment…
    Perhaps you can help me do a better job?
    The toll-less-free hotline is currently running open till 4th November 2007.

    It’s as easy as dialing 1900-112-6611 ($6), or 1900-112-6622 ($20) and 1900-112-6633 ($50).
    For bigger donations and to qualify for tax reliefs, visit the Singapore Cancer Society Official Site for more details…

The choice is in your hands.

Thanks a lot for reading this far!

And may you and your family, live a life with passion!

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