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Ping Me on Week 42/2007!

October 22nd, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

I’ve to admit that I’ve been a bit lazy this weekend after snooping around the web a bit and a good treat to some good old PC games!

I wonder if you’ll be interested to benefit from some of my life experiences last week…

#1: (Monday) Option Spread Seminar

Options Spread Strategies Seminar 2007

It was Saturday when I first caught sight of this invitation email.

You see, I’ve developed an serious interest on trading recently and have registered and worked out my US-based account (without funds of course!).

Having tweaked the virtual trading platform for a while, I was quite skeptical what else I can learn to do with it. You see, I wasn’t quite ready to trade until I’m very comfortable. It’s especially true as I’m new to my broker account, the fundamentals of investing and trading, as well as the strategies used by the pros.

Since it’s the first of its kind, I’m pretty excited to get to know some of the other investors and traders here in Singapore!

Another reason… I figured, that since the seminar was free, and I’m on holiday, I signed up right away.

I thought, “Maybe I can pickup some ideas or meet someone familiar too?”.

Boy am I surprised!

No, I did not meet anyone familiar. Instead, I saw about 100 enthusiastic residents here who were just as excited to network, understand and learn a few tricks!

I caught up with a man whom I later identified him as an engineer by profession who came about from Wealth Mentors, a local trading course. Unfortunately, he left in a hurry right after that (one of the 7 habits of highly ineffective locals) and he missed the better half. That’s when the presenter demonstrated live on the Internet, some of the less uncommonly seen tools on the platform.

The presenter illustrated some of the more advanced option strategies and how it’s possible to deploy spreads to achieve minimum investment risks and maximized profits concurrently.

Beware! That’s with the assumption that you’ve gotten your fundamental analysis and projection correct and have chosen to use one of these strategies.

Unless you’ve seen the maths as I did, it was indeed an eye opener!

In spite of the excitements, there are 3 key things I’ve gotten out of the seminar:

  1. As the trainer mentioned undoubtedly (he flew in from Chicago, USA) , both our governments aren’t going to look after our retirements now. It’s our responsibility as a solvent citizen to learn the trade and take control of our own financial well being.
  2. I’ve gotten his personal email address. Hopefully he does reply mine!
  3. Trading commissions are a lot lower if you use specific strategy “packages” that are outside the scope of normal equity trading an ordinary investors would have deployed.

#2: (Tuesday) How You Can Ping and Pong “”

The world-wide-web is an excellent place to make new friends. One of the many ways to reach out to more people is to add value to others by offering solutions to people’s problems.

Ping.sgJust last week, I’ve uncovered a Singapore based, “pingable” RPC service which blew me away! You can setup your blog to automatically ping this service (as you would with Technorati)…

And viola! Your blog entry will be listed among thousands of other regional blogs!

If you’re based in Singapore or Malaysia, chances are that you’ll be interested to read what others are writing about.

Or rather interestingly, what readers enjoy to filling up their minds with

The sidebar on the main site has this curious looking rankings. That tempted me to clicked on the “most popular” listings (they have it sorted by past 24hrs, week, month and year) and to my astonishment, it confirmed my earlier top 3 predictions

If only TOTO (my country’s lotto system) or the stock markets are just as predictable…!

Here are the top 5 categories:

  1. Sex
  2. FHM
  3. Singapore Girls
  4. Gossips
  5. Photographs (I haven’t figure out this one)

You’ll should get similar results on blog search engines in just about any other country.

What’s happening here?!

I figured that most folks out there enjoy reading junks! How else can you explain why paparazzi are in demand? It’s all driven by supply and demand – if you’re well versed in economic terms. On the other hand, I’ve to admit that I’m may be just too harsh on my thoughts…

Maybe serious blogs are just aren’t sexy enough to enchant and keep readers going?

Well, that’s life isn’t it? But I’m not going to just give up…

In fact, I’ve just received a super encouraging email from John Reese, a world famous marketer and the creator of BlogRush with his following complements:

You are receiving this update because your blog has passed our strict Quality Guidelines and criteria — we believe you have a high-quality blog and we are happy you’re a member of our network!
10,000+ Blogs Removed From BlogRush
We’ve just completed a massive SWEEP of our entire network. We’ve removed over *10,000* blogs (Yes, ten thousand) that did not meet our new Quality Guidelines. We have done a huge “quality control audit” of our network and have reviewed all the blogs one-at-a-time. We will continue to review each NEW blog that is ever submitted to our network.

Wasn’t that a “pat” on the back for excellence?

Thanks John, if you’re reading this! I appreciate your kind words!

Anyway, with or without that, I’ll still be madly involved to supply my best knowledge to you by creating some upcoming solid write ups from some of my best topics I’ve learn or experienced in life so far.

So do stay tuned for the butterfly effects!

#3: (Friday) Team Building at Sofitel Palm Resort (Johor Bahru)

Team Building at Sofitel Palm Resort, JB

It was last Friday as I set off to palm resort in JB for the company’s annual Team Building!

In case you’re not sure what’s team building, it’s really a group activities involving members of an organization with the aim of achieving cohesiveness and bonding, hopefully to improve inter-working relationships and understanding.

This time round, our GM fired the local trainers and replaced it with a DIY styled assistance from HR, and some assistance from the local resort physical instructors (sounds a lot like BMT isn’t it? And that’s very close too!).

It was a great start as we all got rough into a team of 11 people each, having to clear 6 physical obstacles for completion.

Here’s a detail list of these “obstacles“:

  1. Form meaningful sentences with a pile of garbled letters printed on A4 papers.
  2. Blow-shoot a projectile to hit bulls on a target, then build a camping tent. (This is tough!)
  3. Rushed to the next checkpoint and recover a red flag hanging from a 2.5m+ wall.
  4. Rushed to the next checkpoint and have 5 people clearing a 2m+ tall wooden wall.
  5. Form equilateral triangles with a rope while everyone is blindfolded except the team leader to guide.
  6. Move an gigantic “A” structure 20m to finish point with me standing on it while the remaining members navigate the structure. (This is tough!)

As if the activities were not physical enough, all teams were tricked into a large swimming pool, pushing along a raft we built using ropes, poles, tires and plastic oil containers.

One of the most unforgettable event that struck me was while I’m working on item 4.

Imagine I was hauled over a 2m wall with the assistance of my team. Once on top, I stretched down to assist the next climber when I realized halfway that I should let go of his hands so he can grab whatever static to haul himself over.

In life, isn’t that relevant somehow?

As you struggling to put (assist) others in their survival, not realizing that you’re actually causing more damage and harm in your doing?

Think about that for a moment…

Hmm… well that’s all for now!

I trust you may have gotten some valuable insights out of my writings.

Have a wonderful week ahead and live life with passion!

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