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Inspirational MVs With Jay Chou

October 7th, 2007 by Wai Loong (3 Comments)

Inspirational MVs With Jay Chou
By Ng Wai Loong

JayChou and Hebe MV 01

Yeah!!! My blog is almost 6 months old once we’re past 8th October 2007! I trust that I have been doing well adding values to my readers?

Anyway, it has been an excellent week for me as I took time off (was forced into it actually) to do ICT and simultaneously finishing another book in the week, entitled “The Bull Hunter” … Not to forget also, to think seriously and strategically about the path I will be taking…

Just yesterday, I received a letter from NTU Alumni on an invitation to an Alumni night on the 28th October 2007. Unfortunately, I will not be able to join this one, as it falls on Sunday evening when it should be for most people to rest and get energized for the work week ahead.

Besides, I reckon that over 99% of graduates form my cohort will not be there (I’ve been to one on one previous year and I see no familiar faces).

How do I know this time round?

I texted (sms) quite a few of our guys encouraging them to sign up for the NTU 1992/97/2002 Class Reunion Lunch earlier last month and was disappointed by their replies. Most of them does not seem to care if reunion means anything to them…

Coincidentally, I missed the on-line booking dateline for the reunion too.

Such is fate.

Are we all really that busy with our lives?

Or I should give myself and them the benefit of doubts for being genuinely occupied and not an excuse for ___?

Perhaps, if the reunion lunch or all Alumni activities was to be held at the new NTU Alumni Club at North One, this might increase the odds of attendance. Or was it the attendance fee that drove off the financially challenged alumni (males) and alumnae (females).

I know myself for the kind of easy excuses I can make and the retreats from unpleasantness and procrastinations. Yes, and I’ll just be paying back for my karma.

As with all opportunities, they come and go and as we all missed them, they are gone forever, like fine sand from the beach, trickling off your fingers. Here is a quote which I like very much from “The Bull Hunter”:

If you think I’m being harder on Americans than they deserve, I’m not. Americans are not any better or worse than other people, we just have more credit cards. The truth is, in the parts of the world that I’ve been lucky enough to see so far, I’ve found that most people are the same. People work, marry, raise children, try to put food on the table. We get old and then we die.

In between, we struggle. We try to survive the snares and obstacles set in our paths by governments. Occasionally we succeed, sometimes by luck and sometimes by design. In some places, the struggles are far greater…

Dan Dennings

I don’t want to waste your time reading something that has no value to you.

Again if you’re sharp, you’ll also notice the deeper side what I mean – that those valuable words are there only meant as an opportunity for anyone wise enough to internalize the message here and now, not tomorrow or ages later.

Chances are that you’ll only get to read this once in your life, unless you have super good memory, bookmarked this article or you’ve fully understood what Dan was talking about.

Other times, we may be foolish enough to waste our lives doing meaningless activities – or even anything that cause harm to our environment or the world-at-large.

I’m no exception for the kind of foolish acts I do, but I’m just a mere mortal, a small student trying to live in peace and harmony with the universe. At certain times, I can be quite stubborn – ahh… that flawed pre-conceived notion, a set mind at work.

Take for example, I didn’t really like Jay Chou right from the beginning. He created headlines in his career which I thought was quite a meaningless why anyone would bother to read about them, much supported him like a prince…

Until recently, his MVs changed my perception on him. In fact, I think he’s the kind of talented man whom, if he uses his musical and acting talents properly, can impact and help improve the detrimental society. For example, the MV “Retreat” staring Jay Chou and Hebe, is strikingly powerful in linking karma with the law of consequences.

JayChou and Hebe MV 02

Jay Chou – ??- Tui Hou – Retreat (with Hebe)
[youtube a_0KZ_5DvL0 nolink]

This video clip blew me away when I first viewed it.

It’s absolutely brilliant! In the video, Jay was portrayed as a classical gangster, on the streets somewhere in Taiwan. On the other hand, Hebe was trying to make a living off her rented herbal tea hut when two gang triads clashed.

A very interesting story revolves around simple problems of life – and that is security and survival. To Jay, survival is essential. To Hebe, security is everything.

That instinct has not change from the time our very ancestors first walk on this good old earth.

Take a moment to examine ourselves:

When we’re young, we tend to be rash. We may talk harshly, discriminate or are inconsiderate. As we all get older, some of us might notice the retributions of our own consequences. For many others, they may pass on into the darkness without a clue why they may have fail miserably in life.

I was fortunate enough to be aware of some of my own shortcomings and learn to catch myself on many occasions before incidents become disastrous. Other times, I was blind to my own ego and draw false conclusions. Just as I may be taking the next serious move soon, I know for sure that there will be no retreat for me.

How many people dare even to admit that?

Unfortunately, retreating or withdrawing our actions are not the optimum move since damages are already inflicted.

When we get over our emotions, it’s always too late.

One powerful solution I came up with is to admit my own mistakes as early as possible – sometimes even as I blurt it out of my mouth.

That’s a simple solution to complex problems.

And I guarantee that once you master this skill, you’ll be a lot happier in life!


Jay Chou and Lara MV - Shan Hu Hai

Jay Chou and Lara – ??? (Coral Sea)
[youtube eMLXViaNq5w nolink]

Too much blabbering from me?

Maybe I should entertain you with some of Jay’s outstanding productions.

Take “Shan Hu Hai” (coral sea) for example.

I was particularly struck by the lyrics, in particularly these:

?????? ??????…
That it was purely accidental when the sea gull and fish falls in love with each other…

Turbulent tides
You understand that
Its not the waves but it’s the sea of tears…

???: ?????????…
Lara: You say that you are leaving – in the language of lips…

???: ?????????
Jay: How can the devastated beach be restored?
How can the devastated affections be healed?

At that time you and I
(Both of us)
Were not mature and honest with each other enough
The passion is gone
A smile cannot be forced
Let our love be buried deeply into the Coral Sea…

Coral Sea Translation #1
Coral Sea Translation #2


Of course, this thing might not mean anything to you. But that’s okay. I only need a few people that I can share with, who can truly appreciate.

And that is enough for me.


JayChou - BackToThePast
Jay Chou – Back to the past
??? – ????
[youtube ZpmnBBir468 nolink]

As with most stars, Jay comes under constant fire from the media, especially on his latest movie – ?????? (Secret).

I have not watch this movie (in fact any movies for a long time) so I can’t comment why. As for the above video clip, it is so interesting for I like the way Jaycarries himself – a little kind of “Bo Chap” (don’t care) attitude that makes him so cool.

You and I are quite similar in many ways, that our past is most memorable – only to ourselves. However, the past is gone for good… and so I trust that our life experiences, and those of many others, who have walked upon this good old earth, guide us through the turbulence and uncertainties ahead.

Live life with passion and have a wonderful week ahead!


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3 Responses:

Tan Ghim Seng on October 7th, 2007 at 8:10 pm

Hey very nice blog! Came from Lani’s blog. She was my financial adviser, we are from Soka. Still trying to read all your entries…check out mine too.

Wai Loong on October 8th, 2007 at 1:40 pm

Hello Ghim Seng!

Hey, thanks for taking time to drop by and allow me to interact with you! 🙂

Do you mean Soka as in “Singapore Soka Association (SSA)”?

I consider myself a lay follower of the Buddha, having taken refuge under the Triple Gems many years ago. I’ve also written some philosophic articles a few months back. You are invited to read “Attaining Peace From The Truth of Nature“.

Oh, and I didn’t know that Lani is a financial adviser. What a surprise! My brother happens to be one too. 😉

Your blog is very interesting! I don’t seem to notice any Singapore based, Buddhist centric blogs on the Internet. Yours is probably my first.

I’ll catch up with you later on your blog!

Jun Yue on May 20th, 2010 at 7:26 pm


In view of the lack of tickets to Jay’s Singapore Concert, LWSSOM is actually organising a Jay Chou Singing Competition where the winner will get 2 tickets worth $400 to the concert.

Details at !

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