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Love Bond and You

September 29th, 2007 by Wai Loong (2 Comments)

Love Bond and You –
Was On TVB,
Hong Kong And Now on Channel-U, Singapore
By Ng Wai Loong

I know many people here in Asia, particularly folks who are Chinese and Cantonese speaking group, are glued to Hong Kong drama series. Only lately, the Korean waves have swept everyone off their feet.

The Hong Kong dramas are especially a unique breed. They are addictive when you start watching a few series. Then you get hooked, all the way until you reach the final episode.

My advice is, if you haven’t watch one lately… don’t start!

Now, don’t get me wrong here…

I’m not all against watching dramas, whether it’s from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China etc. But if you have anything better to do, try to avoid them because these dramas are absolutely addictive. You can get hooked really easily and loosing 1 to 2 hours of your life every weekdays.

Okay, you’re reading this right? Either you’re a loyal blog reader of mine, or chances are that, you might have already gotten hooked to one, or worse multiple ones a week.

My take is, always treat these kind of drama fictitious.

However, I don’t want to waste your time reading so far and find no value in this writing. I’m offering a different view to dramas here.

You see, dramas are stories written using topics that are of interest to people. Sometimes, dramas are written with the basis of true life stories, with some make up or spicing to juice up the media viewerships. To certain extends, some parts of dramas may be true after all.

Believe it or not – audiences are very often affected by TV programmes.

Even if you hate dramas, perhaps you may end up enjoying the snippets of the theme songs or trailers.

For me, I enjoy many movie and drama trailers, even more if there are MVs (music videos) or theme songs that goes with it. The Internet is both a blessing and a curse. You CAN find a lot of these stuffs these days quite easily on search engines – even if you don’t know what are the names of the movies or theme songs.

Currently, a 30 episode family drama called Love Bond (???) is being aired over on in Singapore Channel-U on prime time after 10pm. This drama was once aired on TVB in Hong Kong (Feb 2005), starring artists such as Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Moses Chan, Bernice Liu, and Paul Chun.

It is a warm family show which follows the two families the Gei and the Lam family who are neighbours in the same building. It especially focuses on the relationships among the 5 Lam siblings.

Interestingly, a very talented lady out there recorded one of the theme song “Love Within Lies” on her piano (originally sung by Kary Ng and Stephy Tang)! You can launch this clip here and continue reading while the melody buffers in the background.

Love Within Lies - 01

“Love Within Lies” By Kary Ng & Stephy Tang
(?? – ??? ??? ?????? Slow Tempo)

[youtube mfH8f1VtTKA nolink]

Love Bond (???) is a 30 episode family drama airing on TVB in 2005 in Hong Kong. It stars Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Moses Chan, Bernice Liu, and Paul Chun. It is a warm family show which follows the two families the Gei and the Lam family who are neighbours in the same building. It especially focuses on the relationships among the 5 Lam siblings.

I don’t follow this series closely, but I sort of able to make out the ends when I left off each day while struggling to finish dinner late at night these days (I stayed back late in office to rush out a vanguard project work before I go for my ICT next 2 weeks – HOORAY!).

At the current stage of the drama, Michael was trying to avoid Kenix, who realized that she did not like Moses. Instead, she seemed to have fallen in love with the Michael, the big/elder brother. Michael, knowing that it was not “right” for him to start another relationship just after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend. Especially worse when the girl is his younger brother’s ex-girlfriend (Kenix).

Before I go on any further, my friend Thim Wai has been particularly charmed by this drama right now. So that becomes one of the prime motivation for me to seek out more into this drama. A quick Googling and YouTubing yield several interesting and high quality video clips. I know you’ll enjoy this so I’ve put this up here for everyone:

Love Bond - 01

“Love Bond” By Moses Chan
??? Cantonese Theme Song

[youtube KZ-JTLi7eMg nolink]

If you like “Love Bond”, then I bet you’ll like “Goodbye” (??). From the look of these video clips, any idiot can predict the outcome of the relationships between the Lam brothers and the Gei sisters. Now you’ve got to thank me for saving you some precious time from chasing this drama.

However, if you intend to continue in spite of my warnings, do it at your own risks!

You have been warned. 😉


Love Bond - Zai Jian - 01

“Goodbye”(??, Love Bond Sub-Theme)

[youtube 8-tW9LpRWBE nolink]

“Goodbye” is a very touching mandarin tune, and I highly recommend that you watch this one at least once to experience what I will be talking about.

In the video, relationship is so uncertain. Michael and Kenix were originally two non-fated couples who had to experience the pain of breaking up with each other due to unforgettable past. It was not clear to me exactly what is wrong with Michael, whom he cannot face Kenix.

In life, this might as well happen to us all.

Are you looking for something that you’ve lost?

Thinking day and night, holding that gut feel of yours, hoping of finding it back somehow – some day?
Maybe that is why we are so troubled. Even as technologies (example, cell phones) improved by leaps and bounds , the same set of relationship problems in life keep haunting us.

Love Within Lies - Pian Ai By KaryNg and StephyTang

“Love Within Lies” Ending Theme
(?? – ??? ??? ??????)

[youtube 40hUjcsU1fg nolink]

Love Within Lies” is not a direct translation from the words “??”.

If I were to translate that, its meaning should be any closer to “One-Sided Love“. That’s a bit like you want to hold back that special feelings to that somebody, only to know when it backfired one day, sending you failing miserably and deeply hurt right at the heart.

Strangely, it seemed that Asians are particularly prone to these problems.

Asians in the East are in general, not able to expressive their opinions as liberal as Caucasians in the West.

This comes mainly from the way we are raised – to be reserved otherwise it is being perceive by the norm as rude and not humble. Unfortunately, hiding own feelings and emotions, and not being able to communicate across to others, can creates sever love bonding problems.

I’m no expert at this but dramas usually allow one to step back and laugh at others, rarely as a tool for self-reflection.

Consider this:

One can easily recognize a crook in a drama. One can scream and curse at how nasty that crook is, but fails miserably when it comes to one’s own drama off television. Have you ever consider that you could be that crook or skunk in reality *your drama), but it’s just that you fail to admit and acknowledge that?

Personally, I come to realize that too, during self-reflections. That no matter how considerate I may present to others, I can be a real skunk or pain int the butt (please excuse me for the putt) at certain time to others, that is when until I realize it happened a moment later. By then, nothing can be reverse. I just have to be more careful the next time when similar incidence occurs.

In summary:

Dramas are not entirely time killers, or are absolutely valueless.

Take a moment to internalize the reactions people take in dramas, and see if you can correlate them to your life. Discover the solutions in the drama and hopefully you too can find, apply and work out real life solutions to your daily relationship or other human related problems.

Take care and live life with passion!

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2 Responses:

Yen Thim Wai on October 13th, 2007 at 11:28 pm

Hi Wai Loong,

I love this movie v. much and has been watching everyday. I like Love movies alot because it is v. touching & meaningful 🙂

Beautiful to network around, hehee just like Cisco Network (My Favourite)

Best friend,
Thim Wai

Wai Loong on October 14th, 2007 at 12:33 pm

I know that.
Any other reasons you can share why this movie drives you so crazy? Maybe there are a lot more people who enjoy it like you did. 😉

The slow tempo piano (see listed YouTube video clip above) is very soothing and blends in very well with the theme of my blog.

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