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Do You Still Have A Dream?

September 23rd, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

Do You Still Have A Dream?
By Ng Wai Loong

I was just around the corner this afternoon to update most of my blog plugins onto the latest versions in preparation for the official release of WP v2.3 some time next week. Well, you can just assume that I’m over paranoid, a little precautions in case any technical conflicts arise.

Before I got myself real busy then, I overheard a long lost song on the local radio, and it’s call “???????”. It was sung by ??? (Zhang Yu Shen or YuShen), a taiwaness singer.

I YouTube-ed for his traces and found a few very touching clips which I think I’d like to share later.

Oh and by the way, Yu Shen is dead.


Okay, okay, in case I’ve got you confused, let me explain… this singer got himself into a car accident more than 10 years ago due to drink driving. This was pretty sad news then as he was in his prime age into his singing career. He was an excellent high-vocal singer. Even till today, not many Chinese singers can match his pitch/level.

Anyway, I was very moved by this song as the title says “???????” which means “My Future is No Dream” in English.

So it hit me on – “Is Your Future a Dream?“.

How many of us alive now still have a “Dream“?

I know it sounds pretty silly for me to ask this kind of question right? After all, most people prefer discussions or information that entertains the mind… our minds are so much under utilized for the purpose of contemplation and reflection these days.

So why ask…?

I don’t care if you ask yourself this one, but I’m taking this same question to myself and it struck me for a while…

“Hey, I don’t have a future!”

Now, friends, I hope that didn’t got you worried (if you know me well enough).

I’m speaking from my own experiences…

I’ve been through some self-reflections and I know my weaknesses and strengths.

So whatfuture” am I talking about?

Where is this “future“?

Wasn’t this commonly and widely misunderstood “future” somehow connects to a concept call dream? Well, if it is science, then practically anyone could have succeeded in their lives in their own magical ways…

Sadly, that has never been the truth.

Most people end up struggling in life.

I started think about this “future”, my “future” and realized that I was actually creating this future everyday, every moment as I breathe. See the connection between your dreams and your “future” now?

I don’t know if you get what I mean, but let me put it simply in a very simple manner:

Ok, do you remember if anyone ask you this question when you were young:

“When you grow up, what do you want to be”?

So what was your reply?

Was it something like:

I wanna be a teacher…
I wanna be a pilot…
I wanna be a corp (policeman)…
I wanna be a fire fighter…
I want to be anything (maybe even superman or wonder woman)…

Yeah, and I’m just going to tell you that all these are just pure fantasies? They are no more than wishes which is limiting in nature. If you’re not sure what it means, read my earlier article on “The Power of Emotion and Fantasy“.

Truly, these aren’t that bad until we’ve all grown up. You’ll discover that only a few minorities made it to their dreams, their desirable future. Why did it all happened? The answer is surprisingly simple.

A dream appears nice on the surface, it makes everyone happy and contented.

But it’s is no more real, and it pops on and off like an illusion. Dreams only serve to fuel the desire in us, but do no more than pain and suffering as we get more realistic and face the everyday challenges in life.

I know, most of us have big dreams, especially at the point of time when we’re leaving the well sheltered environment call school or universities. However, in a highly dynamic and changing world, where people get used to peer pressure and demand from their family, relatives and friends, our dreams have have long pass on into the darkness.

Don’t believe me? Check out this YouTube example taken in Beijing, China, where a group of credit and management students take turns to express their dreams for themselves, their country, Olympics 2008 etc…

Flash video warning - 02



Dreams From Beijing Graduates

“My Future Is No Dream”

[youtube N8dTW98dWS8 nolink]

Do you still remember your childhood dreams?

Your ambitions when you graduated?

Perhaps, the big goals you have sworn to achieve just last year?

Or New Year 2007 resolutions?

Where are they now?
Third quarter of this year is almost over… so what have you achieved to bring you closer to your goal in humanity?

Frankly, I didn’t made a resolution on 31st December 2006. I was largely disappointed by my achievements during the last one.

So I took a break off that for a couple of months. I started to make small and achievable plans now… and I took steps every week to review my progress… but it was drowned in the voices of mundane work life…

I got distracted and diverted, along the way as I discover the ugly side of the truth.

As I studied and drill deep into my plans, I realized that it’s really difficult to start a new trade or develop an expertise from scratch.

Now, if you can relate to that, I’m sure you can fully understand what I am talking about right now. If not, do yourself a big favor and come back 3 months later and re-read this post.

As I study successful people (who claim so) and reflect on my own life, I realized that not everyone ended up as what they wanted in the first place. Many have visions and directions in life. They align their plans and their passions to the things they do everyday. They make adjustments as they navigate the sails of life.

I don’t suggest that we will eventually abandon our dreams when we stroll down the hallways of time and space till destruction takes place. What I mean is, we should all take some time off our busy schedules, readjust and re-look our present being. This can be very difficult to some who may be heavily trapped in the jungles of confusion and distractions in life.

Take for example…

Everyday, you and I may be too caught up mundane events in our daily work. As the years passes by, everyday appears to be the same:

1. It’s time to have breakfast…
2. It’s time to have lunch…
3. It’s time to have dinner…
4. It’s time to sleep…
Repeat step 1 to 4 for 24/7/365/x years…How many x years do I have?

Why do I need so much money, or why do I have to work so hard for it?

Suddenly, I came into a conclusion…

That we all have to make ends meet. What we all want IS finding THAT way to happiness and peace while we’re busy in action. It would be a lie if I say it’s free. As LKY said, “There is no free lunch”. Everything cost money to maintain. And so while we’re young, many of us are working so hard to provide for the happiness around us. Even till death, we’re still not spared of estate duties and taxes.

Even if you’ve gotten nothing out of my blabbering, take this with you:

The 3 Constants in Life:

  • Change
  • Tax
  • Death

You’re invited to debate on this and add on the the list should I miss something out.

I think I’ve gone overboard with this topic and started to divert. 😉

Allow me to just sum up:

  • Deal efficiently with the small problems in life, but don’t loose your focus on the big picture.
  • Let us all not neglected our dialogs with our family. And I mean deep, meaningful dialogs. Not to forget dialogs with ourselves too…
  • You can still have your dream, it’s just how badly your want it your willingness to pay the price for it.
  • Align your passions and find inspirations from real people you can talk to in your area of interest.
  • Happiness and peace is here and now. Live it.

Personally, I’ve found tremendous meaning in watching babies and children. Babies do NOT fake their smiles and mask their laughers. They are naive and pure, unlike adult humans. Very often, you can find your happiness by modeling them.

My Little THousand Wishes From Cambodia

??????? Cambodia 2007
“A 1001 Wishes” By 4InLove

[youtube xSk5OXERsWw nolink]

And finally, as a gift to you… let me share two songs with you before I wrap up. The first one is a song by ?? (Yu Shen) “????” (thinking of you everyday). The second song is “Somewhere Out There”, voiced by Betsy Cathcart in the animation, “An American Tail”.

May you consciously think of the purity of your love ones those you love, your family, relatives, friends, and the world at large. And as you began to do it often enough, that someone, somewhere out there, village, city, country, universe, may pick up that strange field. Let that energy radiate into the universe and see what happens.


Thinking of You Everyday (????)

???? By ???
“Thinking of You Everyday” By Zhang Yu Shen

[youtube SSxrYo57LjY nolink]

An American Tail - Somewhere Out There

“Somewhere Out There” Voice by: Betsy Cathcart

[youtube jhCP40PpW0k nolink]

Comments are most appreciated! You can drop me one by clicking on the “comment” link on this post and filling up your thoughts!

Thanks for reading this far and live life with passion!

Jia You (??)!


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