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Blog Building With BlogRush (Beta)

September 16th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

Blog Building With BlogRush (Beta)
By Ng Wai Loong

I don’t know if I have any faithful followers/readers to my blog posts, nor do I know if there are any like-minded bloggers out there that I can link to that I can further add value to my faithful readers.

If you have been faithfully reading all my past posts, you will know that I don’t post rubbish or non-value adding information, or that I copy original content from somewhere. All my posts are seriously thought out and drawn from my own personal experiences, while constantly learning and integrating from wise people, both past and present.

In short, blogging to me is a very special personal commitment for personal improvement (spiritually, financially, relationships, career etc). If you have never written consistently on a personal blog before, then I highly recommend you do so because you will come to learn so much more and it can serve as a connection between off-line and your on-line world.

Blogging uplifts your life.

“Huh? Uplift what you said?”

Yes, exactly how, I cannot say. You got to experience it yourself.

If you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you.

I have been through that stage for some time before launching this one. 😉

Here are some common reasons why most people NOT write on a blog and my personal opinion on each of these I call excuses:

Q: I have no interesting topics…
A: Everyone is unique. We all have something we enjoy doing or passionate about. This usually means laziness or no desire to learn. When a human stops learning, it’s as good as dead. I make no apology to that if you’re offended.

Q: I have no time to write my blog…
A: Blogging does not take you a LOT of time! You can do it at your own free time and nobody will accuse you for not updating it. Usually, I take my own sweet time to do research and update it on a consistent time frame. I do so personally on a weekly basis when I reflect on the happenings in the week. In fact, people who claim that they have no time usually means they have no self-discipline or desire to learn and share. Again, I make no apology to that if you’re offended.

Q: I don’t know how to start a blog or write one…
A: No worry! There are several free blogging portals out there that allow you to create for free. Unless you’re a sophisticated blogger like me who enjoys tweaking my blog software and play around with widgets, you can always simplify your first blog creation by leveraging on one of the following free blogging platforms:

If you ever need help or resources, I will be most happy to point you to further resources or personally help you get started.

Q: I’m married with kids and I’ve got to spend time with them…
A: I don’t mean you forsake your family! That’s the last thing that you will do to your life isn’t it? You will HAVE spare time in a day or week where you will sit down or lie down, be it self-reflecting or thinking for yourself. Besides, blogging software allows you to save your half-written work (drafts) if you’re in a hurry, and return to where you left off when you manage to settle down again for serious writing. The important point here is consistency and improvements over time that matters.
Q: Okay, I agree with blogging but who will read mine? …
A: This is probably one of the greatest reason why most people don’t write (or give up) on their own blogs. Who will read them anyway? Unless you’re a hermit, I guess you WILL have some friends who are web literate right? Ask them to check back on your blog often and interact with you. If you like to reach out to lots of new friends and people who might be interested, you will need to acquire certain skills, such that your blog becomes marketable. Marketing is one core skill in life that everyone should master. I know of many people personally who make full time incomes or additional streams of income maintaining cooperate or personal blogs.

Q: I’m convinced! What topic shall I use? …
A: I can’t answer that question for you. Every human being is unique. There is always something valuable we can learn from each other. Truly, it is a blessing and karma for us all today to connect to one another, through the powers of technology and social networking tools. Use your passion on something you know best or are obsessed about and get started. You can always add topics later when you discover new ones or steer around to something different completely.

Most people fail in life (certain aspect of) not because they don’t have the knowledge or time. It’s the difficult barrier of getting started, or procrastination, or even the comfort zones that hinders.

The key is to get started. Have lots of friends to give you feedbacks and comments. Most of the people I know off-line do not have their own blogs. Nothing wrong with that but if you’re convinced of the benefits I mentioned, it’ll be crazy not to.

To sum up:

Everyone learns things by starting hands-on from somewhere. No ones gains precious life experiences by reading all the books or acquiring all the knowledge in the world. If knowledge is power, then the library of Congress or your neighborhood libraries should be guarded by the mightiest armies in the world! Knowledge is power only when applied correctly and timely.

I’m a self-taught software programmer (over 14 years), web designer (over 10 years) and blogger (2 years), among many other important life long skills that I am currently learning right now. Many skills in life can be learn on your own IF enough desire, effort and practice is poured in.


I haven’t mention about BlogRush did I?

I’m really sorry about that! I was too carried off about the benefits of learning and building a blog that I have deferred announcing this blogging gem call BlogRush.


So what is BlogRush?

It is a new blog syndicating (beta) tool, a widget created for bloggers by a world famous marketer called John Reese. John Reese has been an excellent marketing teacher I have been following closely for some time now. I came only to know about it today.

Until now, blog syndication is made primary through RSS feeds such as feed burner and blog search engines such Technorat, rather than article writings. If you haven’t heard about RSS feeds, then you really need to learn this! Perhaps I can do some research at a later time and give a quick overview of this technology I am using daily.

Okay, in the blogosphere, there isn’t a floating voting and referral system for driving web traffic. On the web, targeted traffic is everything. If you have an on-line business, web traffic is to potential prospects, as it’s the blood is to a living body!

John has been building this tool for quite some time with his programmers and he feels it’s time for people to take advantage of this powerful technique.

Here’s what it looks like on my blog’s sidebar:

BlogRush on

It’s 100% Javascript and it’s very easy to install!

Here are the steps I used:

1. Register for your free BlogRush account.

2. Fill in your blog or website URL.

3. Copy the Javascript for that URL (watch the video when you register).

If you’re like me who uses WordPress CMS software (I’m using the latest released WP 2.3 Beta-3), you can add it quickly on a widget text with a simple cut and paste action.

4. Once approved, your blog will be ready for syndication with the BlogRush referral system!

5. Whenever someones click on those links on the widget, it will link one referral to your account. It gets better when the network of worldwide blogger grows. The effect gets exponential as the system “ranks” referral blogs higher on the BlogRush displayed on your referral sites.

In case you’re wondering what are those colourful “buttons” above BlogRush… those are “chicklets” or RSS bookmarks for the listed feed readers. You can subscribe to my blog posts and keep up-to-date on what I have published without having to visit this blog. If you’re familiar with Google’s RSS technologies or even what I am talking about here, then the possibilities are infinite!

I guess I’ve revealed too much for now.

Take some time to absorb and reflect on what I meant and hopefully you can benefit somehow, somewhere down the road. Perhaps, this may even be an inspiration for you to plan and start achieving something big in life yet!

Take care and live life with passion!

Useful Resources:
Wikipedia on Blogs
Wikipedia on Blogging Hosts
How To Build a High raffic Website or Blog
By Steve Pavlina

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