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Please Apply For Your Wedding License

August 19th, 2007 by Wai Loong (2 Comments)

Are you taking long or short positions on your marriage?
By Ng Wai Loong

I’m not a movie goer so it’s not a surprise that I haven’t watch one for the last 10 months. Hack… I’ve even heard a lot about the special effects of Spiderman 3 and Transformers… and what has that anything to do with my life?

I’ve kinda figure out that it’s hard for me to justify the high cost of movies these days. Before you movie lovers start bombing me with nasty remarks, let me just admit that I’m OK with an occasional movie… (perhaps once a year). No bias or hard feelings OK? 😉

Yes I know – it really doesn’t cost much really… but I’ll rather invest on some good books. I’m particularly happy with this arrangement so if that irritates you, then please close your browser.

I read very frequently and I enjoy occasional discussions with some close friends on the topics of the mysteries of life.


What mysteries?

OK, for instance, some of life’s greatest mystery is why are we on this planet and who do we serve? We live life as if there’s tomorrow and we take life for granted.

Does anyone ever ponders why we are living with the people in our family, meeting the kind of people in our workplace or playgroup and *gasp* the girlfriend or spouse we are living with?

Since today is the 7th day of the 7th month in the Lunar calander, let’s discuss this interesting topic so relevant to us all …

Why do we struggle when we’re upset with money (usually a lack of it) or about relationship problems?

Notice that I use term “we” instead of “I”?

It is because both you and I are facing these same questions subconsciously and everyday.

One of the biggest headache some of us may be facing is – who do we want our life partners be?

Do you want him/her to be tall, short, fat, thin etc?

To help you along, may I suggest a few examples here?

Warning!!! These are for the Ladies:

Andy Lau Yan Xing Shu
Jay Chou Jackie Chan
These faces look strikingly familiar to some… if you’re Chinese and living in this part of the world (Top right clockwise – Andy Lau, Yan Xing Shu, Jay Chow, Jackie Chan).

And these are for the Gentlemen…

Cyndi Wong Gigi Leung
Vivian Chow FayeWong
Fann Wong Stefanie Sun

The above faces are typical eye candy to many Asians (Top right to left and down – Cyndi Wong, Gigi Leung, Vivian Chow, Faye Wong, Fann Wong, Stephanie Sun).

Q: Are these breeds your “flavor“?

Perhaps your “flavor” may vary, but it should be quite similar. I mean we all have something in common.

And that is – the desire for perfection, for beauty.

In short, we desire pretty faces and excellent bodies.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that people with pretty faces or bodies are bad…

We all tend to be attracted very much to pleasant experiences and avoid unpleasant ones.

Now, if we bring this discussion to the topic of wedding, then will this nature inherent in us be any risky?

Absolutely! So are there any insurance for that? Unfortunately, we don’t find this stuff in real life. People soon discover that after years, or months, sometimes days after their marriage.

Fortunately, optional pre-marriage counsellings is starting to become common in this country. Hopefully, we can take some serious time to rediscover our own flaws and learn to forgive others who are just like ourselves.

What IF the government impose compulsory license for all marriages?

I know this is absurd thinking but what I mean is for couples to get married, they have to take some tests to acquire the license to wed.

Sounds crazy? Not for Hollywood!

Hollywood has traditionally showcased advanced technology such as Star Wars and Independence Day, so why not “License to Get Married”? 😉

Here is one I heard over the radio commentary today:

License To Wed

Interestingly, you can catch a glimpse of these test on the movie trailer “License to Wed” (Official Website) or on YouTube by clicking the play icon on the media Flash below:

Okay, if you can’t see the YouTube clip above, then chances are that Javascripts are not enabled on your browser, Flash 9.x is not installed or your web proxy is blocking the clip from download.

I haven’t watch this movie actually but from the description, I am quite impress by the kind of tests the would-be married couples have to go through.

These tests ranges from caring for new born simulated babies, to placing the girlfriend behind the steering wheels of a car – blindfolded, while the boyfriend navigates the vehicle by shouting driving directions! It’s literally placing his life on the hands of his would-be wife.

Interestingly, most of us have no clue how our own marriage will work out. We tend to take ourselves and others around us for granted.

In fact, I figured that no one dare to claim they know it all. Somehow, I figured that relationship is a lot like investment. You invest your time and energy in exchange for the comfort and assurance of the ones you love. It’s also similar to trading, where you trade your resources for the happiness in life.

Noticed that we all desire intangibles such as affection and love that no money can buy? So what about those money CAN “buy”?

Don’t we too, feel happy with what money can “buy”?

In this era, many marriages often goes up in smoke because of disagreement, lacking of money (short) or overloaded with it (long). If this is the case, has it ever happen to our forefathers too?

Will your marriage be in long or short positions?

I don’t know. It’s a lot like the markets. Only you can call the shots.

OK, that’s enough for now. Let me hear your comments.

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2 Responses:

Leroy on September 20th, 2007 at 10:31 am


Are you married?


Wai Loong on September 20th, 2007 at 11:34 pm


You wanna introduce me to somebody? 😉

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