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Singapore NDP 2007 @ Marina Bay Part 10

August 9th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

Dear Fellow Singaporeans and friends of Singapore!


It’s 9th August 2007 and we’ve reached Part 10 of the NDP @ Marina Bay series! Once again this evening, we’ll revive the Singapore spirit and stay united – at least for today? I really have no idea to write about until I had some touching experience hearing about some local citizens on the radio…

Honestly, I literally dozed off yesterday evening while waiting for PM Lee’s national day message for 2007 on television. It was 9.20pm then.

Fortunately, I was able to catch part of the message again today on radio FM95.8. The presenter was inviting more than 10 people from the public to talk about their feelings and their wishes to Singapore’s birthday.

Boring isn’t it?

No it wasn’t actually…

I don’t want make this sound disappointing at first but the message is clear and here are the facts:

Can-Do and Never-Say-Die

Within a decade, our city and our whole country will be completely transformed. The world is taking notice. It will be a new Singapore, but with our own unique identity, and the can-do and never-say-die spirit of the Lion City.

– PM Lee Hsien Loong August 2007

The emphasis by the radio presenter was “can-do and never-say-die spirit“.

Members of the public were interviewed and the response was a common saying – “The future looks bleak but what can I do?” and “Bo Bian!

Why must our older citizens who have gone through the recessions and turmoils of nation building would come around and feel this way? Somehow, all our dear elder citizens really want is a little bit of happiness and a bit of joy enjoying the fruits of their labor after the years of hard work.

The common voice was like “Must-do and cannot say die“. Somehow, isn’t this sound a lot like we’re back to the beginning of nation building but with an added twist – “cannot say die“.

Survival is turning more realistically to our elder folks than before as the population ages and increasingly made more competitive by the huge influx of foreign talents.

It is no wonder that many of our talents have gone the way of retrenchment and end up driving taxi.

It has come to the attention of many like minded citizens to think about what skills we must acquire to continue survival on this island. Actually, I tend to disagree that Singapore is the only country being hit by the rise of foreign competition. Aren’t the US, UK and Australia also facing this? This doesn’t make Singapore any unique in this aspect so I guess that’s a kind of good news?

In fact, this trend is happening globally.

Ever watched the movie “Singapore Dreaming“?

I was very surprised that this movie was so closely resembling our everyday live and the spirit of Singapore is so thick…

In fact, the struggle of an average Singapore is so accurately captured in this film. What the real message is “Must-do and Cannot die“. Happiness derived from the obsession of wealth because we thinks that cars and condos are what happiness is all about, can turn out to be an illusion.

A Singapore Dream for Everyone?

What are you dreaming of?

I don’t pretend that money cannot buy happiness. What money can buy is the means to happiness. Without money, this chance is lower – but not made impossible.

Happiness is within us – it’s internal and not completely found external. External satisfaction is easily achieved with the things money can be exchanged for, it’s a lot easier. It is the internal spiritual development within us that is uplifting.

Comparing what we have right now and be grateful about what we have right now, making it slowly progressively better may be the key to happiness. Save comparison with others and continuously add value to others and yourself.

Easier said than done right?

Well, it’s a lifelong discovery and effort so I trust that you will realize that sooner and do the things you should do to make this world a better place for us and our future generation to live in.

Happy 42nd Singapore birthday and may peace be with us all!

Thanks for reading and enjoy! 😉

PS: National Day Message 2007

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