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Singapore NDP 2007 @ Marina Bay Part 8

July 28th, 2007 by Wai Loong (Add Your Comment)

We’re Counting Down to Singapore NDP 2007!

Last weekend, I was quite sick due to a minor flu. Until Monday evening, I was still feeling unwell. Seriously, this turn of illness and several others in the past lead me to rethink how valuable healthy is and how fragile is life.

Are you grateful to the health you are having?

If yes, then why do some people continue to abuse their health (and even others) and yet refuse to acknowledge it? Fortunately, I’m not a smoking or drinking addict, so the least I’ve gotten is be a victim of passive smoker.

Ok, enough of that really as I shall not deviate away from the theme now… 😉

So, it has been a long week really – for me at least to get back to blogging shape for the Singapore’s 42 birthday and NDP 2007!

I guess MediaCorp has done a great job advertising this event and even showed many exciting clips taken from the many NDP rehearsals.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find many good materials for show this week. Basically, I have here are some videos… and 1 surprise later. 😉

Know the other theme song for this NDP 2007? Nope, it’s not from Kit Chan. It’s call “Will You” and it has an interesting feature of the floating platform of Marina Bay at the end of the song. I know… some people may not like this song and I don’t know why. For Kit Chan’s version, it was equally dislike by some people.

I’ve selected the TV version on YouTube because the original version from NDP website is too small to enjoy.

I’ll let you decide on this one. 😉

“Will You” – Singapore NDP 2007 Theme Song (TV version)

Did you like the last one?

Well, like I said, there are so few high quality video clips available and made available to the public. Most people either use low quality video cameras or their hand is really shaky and they had too much movement. I think as time passes, more people will be more skillful with their optical zooms and editing of the background noise.

Personally, I like the Air force and Navy displays, though I have not personally seen them myself. Here are some more shots taken by some good hearted Singaporeans with high quality takes:

NDP rehearsal Bomb Burst

If you like the previous one, then I bet you like this… you got to stare hard at the video because the fighter planes zoom off just as quickly as you blink. 😉

Oh and by the way, I like this one, partly because this clip is taken from a lens mounted on a tripod.

F16 Bomb Burst (NDP 2007 @ Marina Bay Floating Platform)

If you don’t like fighters, take a look at some of my handpicked firework videos. 😉

And of course, Fireworks at NDP rehearsal 07′

More high quality fireworks for you here:

NDP Rehearsal Fireworks on 22nd July

And now for some surprise…

Do you like to know what activities are happening at the floating platform at this moment?

Hey, I’m not kidding!

NDP 2007 Live Camera

There IS a camera mounted somewhere in the mid of the seating platform, somewhere in the Yellow contingent column. This service is somehow made available possibly by IDA Singapore and is visible by anyone in the world, 24/7 for NDP as well as many other activities here in Singapore.

Interestingly, some of the recent events are also published in advanced in case you want to stand by your computer to view these celebrations on this little web camera:

2 28-Jul
0700 – 1000
TOUCH Community Walkathon
(1 Cam)
3 28-Jul
1600 – 2000
NDP Preview -Backstage Scenes
Marina Bay
(10 Cams)
4 29-Jul
1600 – 1800
Concert in the Park
Botanic Gardens
(2 Cams)
5 3-Aug
2000 – 2200
(2 Cams)
6 8-Aug
2300 – 0000
Celebrate NDP @ Esplanade
(2 Cams)
7 9-Aug
1600 – 2100
National Day Parade
Marina Promenade (NDP Floating Platform)
(12 Cams)
8 9-Aug
1600 – 1900
Conference of Cultures
(1 Cam)
9 9-Aug
1700 – 2100
Conference of Cultures
Suntec City
(1 Cam)
10 9-Aug
1600 – 1800
Conference of Cultures
Millenia Walk
(1 Cam)
11 9-Aug
1600 – 1800
Conference of Cultures
Merlion Park
(1 Cam)

This direct link will bring you to the NDP Live Celebration site with the live camera in place:
24/7 Live Camera for NDP Live Celebration (Floating Platform)

That’s all for this session! Comments are most welcomed by using the comment links above. Have a healthy and wonderful weekend ahead! 😉

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